I’m away from home at the moment, on another continent, a vacation, a scoping out. No, not meeting a potential (come on, like I’d be able to keep that to myself!), more’s the pity.

Random things floating around in my head.


I have some internet connectivity, but I am uninterested in it. It seems so far away. This is a good thing. I am so used to being plugged in, that a break must be healthy for me. To be sure I can survive it, should the apocalypse start with a sharp slide into disconnectedness.

Today I feel a little lonely. Like I want to reach out to somebody. But all the somebodies to whom I could reach out are not the right somebody, despite their respective awesomenesses. You know how that is. It’s a different thing from being alone, this being lonely thing. It makes me feel a little melancholy. I’m surprised I don’t feel lonely more often, but apparently I don’t need much human contact, but when I do, I wonder: who will I tell my secrets to?

Not going to the gym is making sleeping difficult. At least, I assume that’s a big part of it. My body is all ‘You want to sleep NOW?! Come on, we haven’t even started!’ even if my brain is done. Like really done. They disagree often, my body and my brain. Also my heart. It pretty much always disagrees with all of us, but it doesn’t pipe up all that often, so I’m not sure it matters much.

I sound maudlin, and I want to reassure you, dear readers, that it will pass, is no big deal. I don’t want to worry you. I would rather save up your worry for when I really need it. Now’s not the time.


The idea of writing a Femdom ‘How To’ series is on my mind: Bite size palatable, practical pieces. Because I seem to answer the same questions from new dominants over and over.

First in the series would be ‘How to Plan and Execute Your First Scene’.

Given the way clickbait works, I will probably subtitle it ‘Ten Incredible Things You Need To Know About Doing Your First Scene Or It Will Be A Complete Failure And So Will You!!!’ Catchy right?

Wait, what’s that? I’m already supposed to be working on something else. Heh. Yeah I know. I’m getting there… *smile*

As I write this my site is being hit hard by hackers. Mostly from Russia: Literally thousands of log in attempts over the last 24 hours or so. I don’t know why. Very strange.


I’m loving this song by Florence and the Machine at the moment (I love pretty much all of their music, but this is particularly resonating for me, it’s wonderful).

“And with one kiss
You inspired a fire of devotion that lasts for twenty years
What kind of man loves like this?”

I have produced a podcast in a fit of creativity and experimentation. I have a new audio Q&A to throw up there, but at the moment it is a consolidation of a lot of my old audio clips from the blog into a single source, you know, if you’re into that sort of accentless Australian Domme thing (my goodness, I am awesome at marketing aren’t I?!).

If you are interested you can find it here on itunes.

I promise nothing in terms of regular podcasts: I am not to be trusted for ongoing interest in random things.


Have you joined my mailing list? Only the very early signer-upperers have received anything from me there so far. But I see you there, lovely fellow listers, and thank you for following along with me over there *smile*.

Come join us. I’d tell you there are cookies, but that would be a lie. Though there might be cookies*.

*No cookies.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re all right. I was wondering.

    Travel is romantic, the internet is not.


    No, why not take a break from that too–from being a femdom blogger. Get it out of your system, you know.

    Maybe the person you need to reach out to is another traveler, who has no involvement with any of this.


  2. So glad to see this… Not glad you feeling lonely…
    Have missed you massively…just saying…
    Come back soon x

    Ps ..I need that person to tell my secrets ….too

  3. Melancholia. Tis the season for letting go, preparing to embrace the bare.

    In the states, we are moving toward autumn. There is something beautiful in the way the trees release their leaves. Yet it’s oddly haunting. Tall trunks surrounded by the rustle of the leaves on the ground, yet no longer attached. That’s what your post reminds me of.

    On another note: Florence… She’s an odd character. Her music sometimes speaks to me, but her videos… Well, they don’t. ;) Though occasionally they are amusing.

    Enjoy your unplugged time. :)

  4. Step outside the things you know and find a shared space anew.

    And enjoy yourself or else sure as hell your SO (for now or whenever) won’t enjoy themself either.

    Womble (not of Wimbledon)

  5. Da, Mistress Ferns. Or should I say Elvira Yaroslava of Volgograd. The mayor has still not yet recovered and wishes you much unhappy tidings. Nowhere may you travel and without meeting generic Russian goons while your blog is paying retribution to zombie hackers, or orphans as we know them in Volgograd.

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