Le 5 star French book review!

…or ma première critique du livre français…

I had to show off my first 5 star review on amazon.fr here because it’s hidden away from amazon.com users. Also it’s in French *swoon*.

The author kindly translated it for me (Google translate doesn’t QUITE get it right) and it’s wonderful:

A very good book of short stories where the female dominates!!!

I loved it! This book deserves to be better known.

Since its publication, critics from this book were amazing. It puzzled me and led me to Her website (same name as the book). Her texts hooked me, so I bought it from Amazon. And I was not disappointed at all.

Her book is full of more than 150 small stories. On average each story is 3 pages. Once one is finished, we only have one desire : read the next one. This is a damn addictive book! Some texts have been written in the third person, others are dialogs.

When we read it, we feel it’s not fake ; but true stories!

It’s really interesting to know feelings of a lifestyle Dominatrix in this or that situation, Her desires, expectations or dreams.

Whether you are sub or Dom or simply curious about BDSM, this book is for you.

Good books focusing on Femdom and written in French are few, if Shakespeare’s language is not a barrier for you; do not miss this one ;)”

I’m so very delighted!

If you’ve read my book, I’d really appreciate it if you wrote a review, just a few lines would be great. I’m rubbish at marketing and reviews are one of the primary reasons that people take a chance on my book (you can easily change your display name if you want to remain anonymous).

Loves: 8
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  1. Congrats on the amazon.fr review, which is enthusiastic. But 17 euros when one can get it electronically from Smashwords for a few bucks? I am tempted to post a comment there (me French is fine coz I lived there) but I don’t want get anyone in trouble . . . Ciao

    1. Thanks :).

      17 Euro is for the paperback version, Amazon ALSO has a Kindle version for a few bucks :).

      The review appears on both: I’ve changed the link so it shows the ebook by default to avoid confusion.


  2. Hello Ferns,

    Have you thought about recording the book for audible? My excuse for not reading books is lack of time. Whether it is good or bad, I use it. What I do instead is listen to books while I’m driving. I generally have to listen to them twice because I miss parts but it is still great.

    I would buy your book in a heartbeat if it was available in a recorded format. I’ve started to buy it a couple of times even in book form.

    1. I have thought of it, but it’s a lot of work and I really don’t think the effort would be worth the return.

      What I need is a generous benefactor who would pay for the time and effort it would take to create an audio version. That’s okay, I’ll wait right here… :).


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