I’ll tumbl for you

Aw yeah, I started a tumblr: http://domme-chronicles.tumblr.com/.

“But why, Ferns?”

Well you might ask.

For the gaping void between ‘a proper blog post’ and ‘140 chars on twitter’ in which I am left flailing on my own with no social media into which to throw every passing thought. And because sometimes I just want to go “Look, LOOK!!”. Also, porn.

So if you are a tumblrarian, tell me who you are: I will follow the fuck out of you!

Also, I wanted to put this ear worm out there because if it bugs me, it has to bug you also.


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  1. I have a Tumblr too, but I haven’t done anything with it yet. I will have to reconsider now so you will follow the fuck out of me.

    I’ve never had the fuck followed out of me before… It sounds like it could be fun!

    Thank you for the ear worm as well… Yes, I am bugged!

    1. Ha! You’re welcome for the bugging!

      It is fun! Though you might have no fuck left after you’ve had the fuck followed out of you. Dilemma!


  2. Welcome to the tumblrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrY*@!*($&f^$&*#@)

    *wipes drool off keyboard, ceasing shorting out*

    The land of omg awesome bondage pics.

  3. Thanks folks for the welcome and for the great links. You have some wonderful tumblrs! Woot!

    I fear much time wastage and unproductive carry on is on the cards… JUST WHAT I NEED! Heh.


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