My hand around your throat

“I like your hand around my throat,” he said when I released his mouth and let him breathe.

So. Very. Hot.

There is an inherent vulnerability in the offering of the throat, the pulsing jugular, the potential for damage right there. I always thought of his hair as the most easily-grabbed, it was my go-to, my default, but having been with a man who suited a crop-cut, I unconsciously retrained myself. Now it’s the throat.

It is instinctual now, that my hand goes there. It is symbolic and thoughtless.

There is so much to love about it. I adore how it feels both possessive and threatening. I love that he has to raise his chin when I go there to give me fuller access: it’s a ‘here, take it’ gesture. I like the way my hand fits snugly into the curves of his neck, my fingers and thumb pressing up under his jaw, able to reach those sensitive spots just under his ears. I enjoy the feel of him swallowing under my palm: if he has a prominent adam’s apple, I can feel it moving, I know that just a little pressure will raise that edge of fear.

I like to use my grip to leverage his head up and back, I always like the awkward positions, the uncomfortable ones, the strange contortions. I like twisting his head too far to be comfortable, to where he has to fight himself not to push back. I like moving his head to the side to give me access to his neck, though I have to release his throat to bite him there. Small sacrifices.

I enjoy also the implied threat of my hand around his throat: the throat is like his soft underbelly, exposing it is a vulnerability, I like to see a little fear if he thinks I am going to squeeze, I like to take his breathe with my mouth so it feels like I am choking him of air.

All of that, all of it: My hand around your throat.

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  1. I’m going to make the first comment here: I didn’t want to put it in my post because this is not a safety blog, I’m not the safety police, and I really don’t want to put disclaimers in posts that might talk about potentially risky play just in case someone has the vapours.

    BUT to pre-empt concerns, I’m going to say this: If you are going to do anything akin to actual breath play (NOT what this post is about), please ensure that you and your partner do your research and understand the risks.

    Here’s a link to start you off.


  2. As always a beautiful post. I love how you portray why your hand on his throat is exciting to you, how you feel the power and his vulnerability. I find it fascinating the idea of having my throat, grabbed by her; however, because of previous history my throat is something I am usually protective of with most people. I would; however, most definitely melt into the right person and offer my throat because of the feeling behind it.


    1. Being protective if you’ve had bad experiences is completely understandable.

      I think of baring the throat as a very submissive act in the ‘animal’ sense, so it *is* a vulnerability.

      For the record, I love being kissed and nuzzled around the throat and neck, and will bare it for that, but a hand around it: no.


  3. lol @ the vapours I can see it now “Fie Madam thou doest surely maketh me faint”
    I totally get this post Ferns I too love holding,biting and scratching that area

  4. Ah… throats! I am a choker and smotherer. But I’m also an avid throat biter. I like to bite the back and the sides. I had shied away from biting the front until recently. But it just felt right one night with the wild thing. So I wrapped my teeth around his neck with his head bent all the way back, and bit. If I hadn’t had him pinned against a cabinet, he would have fallen down. I think we both rather enjoyed it! It will surely be happening again. There’s just something so visceral and primitive about someone offering their throat. Delicious!

  5. “I always like the awkward positions, the uncomfortable ones, the strange contortions. I like twisting his head too far to be comfortable, to where he has to fight himself not to push back.”

    Me too! Delicious post.

  6. This is ridiculously hot! I love it! I know someone I’d love to do this to (he doesn’t know yet, but I think he’d like it. I live in hope!)
    Wonderful, wonderful piece of writing. x

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