I am sandpapered and roughened, I can’t get close enough to consume you, my skin is raw from trying to swallow you. I make you bring your mouth to me like an offering, I spread myself over you like I will melt into you if I push hard enough, I suck your lips into my mouth and close my teeth on them, I taste your blood and push my tongue against that openness, I turn your head upside down so I can suck the sweetness off your tongue, I make you reach for me and lick gently at your open mouth, I twist your head into unnatural positions so that I can get inside you, I shove you back and pull you hard against me to devour you, I hold my fingers to your throat to push you away and hear you choke yourself to get to me, I try to rip your tongue out of your mouth and feel you offer it up, I shove my mouth and nose against you to stop you breathing never breaking the kiss, I clash my teeth into your softness and wait for that wincing moan, I pull away, I do, eventually, and reluctantly, and every time, you reach for me, eyes closed, mouth half open, tongue against your sore lips, your breath ragged and desperate, you reach for me.

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