e[lust] #53

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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Final book cover poll – results!

Results of my last (and final) poll for the cover art for my book. I asked you to choose from the following 7 covers (thank you so much to everyone who participated!).


And here are the results:

Book cover poll - final

At first glance, one might think: Oh look, 7 is the winner over 4 and 5 by a nose, and all the romantics who like that couple (there are a lot of you!!) will be all “YESSSS, WE … Continue Reading

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This month…

December, geez.

For an introvert, it’s a kind of hell (only with really lovely well meaning folks. And presents!).

As I’m banging this out, I’m waiting for family to arrive. They will be staying with me for a few days.

Then I will go stay there for a couple of days a little later in the month.

Then one of them will be staying with me again for a few days before Christmas.

Then … Continue Reading

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Book cover – final say

Images on Cover 4 and Cover 5 are product photos from the fabulous Etsy shop The Twisted Screw. Used with permission.


I sourced some different artwork because I wasn’t happy with the stock photos in the previous lot of covers. See, I mentioned ‘useless perfectionist dithering’ didn’t I?

So I’m asking for your opinion on which you like best AGAIN (I included the two top-rated covers from the previous poll, so if … Continue Reading

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Whee! Top 100 sex blogger 2013

I feel a little undeserving to be in the top 100 sex bloggers list this year because it seems like I haven’t really written much of interest of late (and goodness knows I ain’t gettin’ any sex to blog about!), but I DON’T CARE I’LL TOTALLY TAKE MY SPOT!! *shoves little old ladies and small children out of the way*. That makes it four years in a row! Wow!

Thank you to those lovely … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A: All over the place

I do love getting interesting questions, so thank you to those who sent them in via my Ask Me page. If I was organised, I’d do the Q&A on some kind of monthly schedule, but I’m totally not, so randomness it is!


Hello Gorgeous,

People seem to think that because a woman is Dominant she must act in specific ways all the time. As intelligent people we both know that is not how it … Continue Reading

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Him: Since my face is there [on a profile he just shared with me] I’ll note I am 23 years young, so hold your ‘potential’ horses. *smile*

Me: [after taking a look] Well aren’t you adorable *smile*!
I had picked you for much older when you first commented – you seem to have an easy confidence that generally comes with maturity (not age, necessarily).
I halted the horses. Anyway, how do you know they were … Continue Reading

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