Book cover – final say

Images on Cover 4 and Cover 5 are product photos from the fabulous Etsy shop The Twisted Screw. Used with permission.


I sourced some different artwork because I wasn’t happy with the stock photos in the previous lot of covers. See, I mentioned ‘useless perfectionist dithering’ didn’t I?

So I’m asking for your opinion on which you like best AGAIN (I included the two top-rated covers from the previous poll, so if … Continue Reading

Loves: 9
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Book cover – have your say!

I’m wanting to get my book out in the next few weeks (I know… exciting!! *squee*).

I’m prone to a kind of useless perfectionist dithering, which is not doing me any favours because I will forever be going ‘No not happy, I need to change *something else* now…’ ad infinitum.

To get over that thinking and help me shove this thing out the door, I’d love to get your input on the cover (a … Continue Reading

Loves: 10
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