Personal ad outcome

Thanks to my personal ad, I have found the most fabulously amazing submissive man who fits me just right, and we are going to live happily ever after!!!



Okay, not really.

Here’s the results, in interpretive dance…

*does weird flaily dancey thing, fast-slow-happy-sad-flowy-jerky-awkward, ends up curled in the corner rocking back and forth…*

Oh, and here it is in graph-porn form:

Personal ad result

And finishing in song:

“Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feeling it again… but I’ve got high hopes…”

Loves: 10
Please wait…

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  1. Hi Ferns

    Your graph and hopes remind me of some people fishing results.

    You know what i mean there are always fish in the ocean,but where i fish there is more ocean than fish.

    Keep on trying(or tieing) what ever does it for you.


    1. The fishing trip analogy totally works for me, though I’m thinking that people always go on and on about ‘the one that got away’…

      I’ll just sit in my little boat and wait for the right fish to jump right on in.

      Heeerreee fishy fishy fishy…


    1. Awwwww is right!!

      I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ll wait right here. Someone bring me food and champagne every now and then, mmmkay?


  2. Hmm, what the stats do not reveal is whether the quality of suitors was really that poor or whether you are just too picky!

    1. I think it’s a mistake to assume it’s either of those.

      How many people do you meet/talk to/interact with in your daily vanilla life who meet your criteria for a partner in a broad sense (age, orientation, sexuality, relationship status etc)?

      How many of those people *actually* end up being your partner because they are a match for you?

      It’s not 1 in 30, right? Not even 1 in 100. It might be, what? I don’t even know. 1 in 1,000? 10,000?

      I should look for some stats on this now that I’ve raised it!

      My point being: They might be wonderful, fabulous men (and some of them truly were), but that doesn’t mean they’re a fit for me. It also doesn’t mean that I’m ‘too picky’ (hey, how do you know THEY weren’t ‘too picky’, hmmm?!).

      Seriously though, either you click with someone, or you don’t. There is no ‘picky’ about it as if I can just choose to say ‘oh he doesn’t get my sense of humour, I’m sure that won’t be a problem…!’ or ‘I’m not physically attracted to him, I’m sure that won’t matter’ etc. It just doesn’t work that way.


  3. Meh. Meh again. More meh.
    I have this theory…
    Suppose “the submissive man who will be a perfect match” and who you’ll want to be with “forever” does not exist. Not close, not far, nowhere in the Universe. That’s a possibility, right?

    Solve the problem by declaring “not a problem”. I’ll meet people in the normal course of events, play or have sex sometimes, get to know them closely if they’re interesting enough.

    And that’s all. People are interesting (some anyway) *qua* people, sometimes even for sex or lay, without the thought “is this a potential match” being always in the background.

    So that’s my theory. If it is no longer thought of as a “problem”, it eventually solves itself.

    1. “Suppose “the submissive man who will be a perfect match” and who you’ll want to be with “forever” does not exist. “

      *sad face*

      “So that’s my theory. If it is no longer thought of as a “problem”, it eventually solves itself.”

      I agree (though I’m not sure what this point has to do with the depressing ‘there’s no-one for you IN THE WORLD, Ferns!’ possibility you raised above!!).

      Mostly, I am just open to possibilities while I’m doing my thing, and not actively looking for anything.

      Thing is, I hadn’t met anyone during ‘the normal course of events’ for a long time, so I thought I’d give an ad a go since, hey, it can’t hurt, right?


    1. *laugh* I don’t know why you and young Daka above assume that *I’m* more picky-choosy than the men who I talked to! I mean it goes both ways you know, and with the men I spoke to at length, mostly we got to a point of mutual understanding that it just wasn’t working for whatever reason/s.

      Regardless, thank you for the compliment in there *smile*.


      1. Wow, its been decades since anyone called me “young”! Sigh…
        Yeah, and can only agree with Jake, not many women your age are comparable.

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