Ferns comic!

The very talented Submissive Guy Comics made (another) comic of me based on something I said on Twitter.

This one was a birthday gift – LOVE! *smile*

Thank you so much!!

Ferns comic by Submissive Guy Comics
Ferns slapping the adorable by Submissive Guy Comics


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    1. Ha! Yes! Sooo cute!

      “Nobody ever draws me neato cartoons :(”

      You are obviously pointing that cattle prod at the wrong people!!


  1. I put this on my Tumblr. Was hoping you’d seen it. I was all “zawwww!” Perfectly Ferns! I’m such a fan of his work! Very groovy you were featured!

  2. ugh! I went to click to peroxide’s blog from the cartoon site and POOF! No more blog! I haz a sad now :( I hadn’t gotten around to looking at it until now. Pretty sure I missed some good stuff :(

  3. *eyes Peroxide with evil intent while trying to conceal a cattle prod shaped object*

    Hmm you may have a point Ferns


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