Arse show

I watch you sleep, I do that sometimes, it is sweet. You snuffle and shift and occasionally you mutter to yourself.

Tonight, you have half thrown the covers off, you are curled up, and your pretty arse is exposed to me. Your pose is childlike and unintentional and completely slutty, like you planned it this way, like you are smiling secretly to yourself at your own cleverness.

I sent you to bed with the crotchless stockings still on, I realise they are gone, somehow. I know you wouldn’t have taken them off (did you take them off?! did you dare?!). I find out later that they have bunched up around your ankles, restraining you, and I wish that I had known that at the time when I was watching you, that you were tied up by the nylons and restrained that way.

Your skin is alabaster white and untouched, virginal and oh, you shift again, making a softsmackingsucking sound with your mouth, pushing your arse towards me, an invitation. I can’t see your face, I wonder if you are awake and teasing me. I whisper to you, ‘It’s ok baby, sssshhhh… it’s ok’ to see if you will talk to me, but you are silent then and settle back into slumber.

I am excited by this wanton innocence, this accidental peep show, you shift now and then, never showing me more, your legs pressed primly together, your arse smooth, your cheeks round and full and the crack of it drawing a line down to lead my eyes to the tops of your thighs. I wet my lips with my tongue and silently watch you like some creepy stalker, I don’t even feel predatory really, I feel sly and dirty, furtive, filthy, like I want to sully your innocence, like I want to masturbate and come on your pristine skin, like I want to stick you with a needle full of drugs to immobilise you and then fuck your lifeless body, like I want to touch you and grab and probe at your pliant stillness without your knowledge, like I want to cover your slack mouth with my cunt and stop you breathing until your unconscious body finds some panic button and bucks and shakes before it gives up.

I am stupidly disappointed when you roll over, cover yourself, hide from me. I reluctantly let the dirty peeping tom in me subside and tuck her away for later.

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