The beauty of submissive men

What do you get a Domme for her birthday?!

It’s a dilemma isn’t it?

OR IS IT?!!!

My birthday is coming up.

I’m going to ask you lovely submissive men for a present.

Seriously, I am.

I want us to create something together. Yes, you and me dear readers.

It’s no secret that I enjoy the pretty: I think submissive men are sexy as hell, and I think that hotness can be found in many places and forms, and I want to see it from you.

What I would like to do is to gather photos that will both objectify and show off beautiful submissive men (that’s you, by the way) and create a tribute to all of you with them. To achieve this, I want you to take a photo of something that you think is beautiful about YOU, and share it with me. Ladies, if you have a lovely boy, you *know* what I’m talking about, so please let us see them.

I know some of you are shy, or might be reluctant to get involved, maybe you think you aren’t pretty enough, or have some other concern that you haven’t got anything to contribute, but trust me, you are wrong. I’m not just after ‘traditional’ views of pretty men, I want some diversity and some truth. I want to see a glimpse, a snippet of YOU, in all your glory.

Maybe you have lovely delicate fingers, big strong hands, gorgeous eyes, a soft full mouth, a defined chin, a huge barrel chest, an accident scar, broad feet, a meaningful tattoo… anything like that.

The Project – A celebration of the beauty of submissive men

My goal is to gather these anonymous photos and produce something beautiful with them, something that shows the glorious diversity and beauty of submissive men, all stunningly different and unique.

When (if!) I get enough photos, I will collate them into a single post and put them up here. It may be a collage of the images, or perhaps a more structured presentation, I’m not sure yet because it depends what I get. Whatever form it takes, it will be positive, uplifting, wonderful.

The Photos

The photos will be uploaded anonymously, you will not be identified by me or by anyone.

Naked. I want to see skin.

BDSM-ish accoutrements are allowed (cuffs, collar, rope, gags). It can be a full body shot, or any body part. I will accept cock shots (OMG did I just say that?! Yes, cocks are beautiful!), though I am hoping for much more variety than that.

Anything is fair game with the exception of arsehole shots (I cannot make beautiful things out of arseholes or things in arseholes).

Some examples of the types of photos I’d love to get:

  • ‘Traditional’ beautiful-man shots are welcome (full body, torso, chest, abs, hips, arse, cock). And *please* don’t think that you have to be an adonis to submit a photo. You don’t!
  • Hands (a ‘strong hands’ or ‘delicate hands’ photo, adorned with nailpolish, hands clasped, holding tools (grrr, manly!), with cuffs on wrists, or… well, anything really. Hands are just lovely!)
  • Forearms (especially with veins – so sexy!)
  • Flexed bicep (yes please! Guns!)
  • Shoulder/s (from the front across the clavicle, across the back showing the neck… rawwrrr!)
  • Hips (adonis belt (oh please!), slender hip bones, a side shot of hip/arse/cock)
  • Legs (big thighs, slim calves, muscled calves, legs in action straining, bound)
  • Throat and chin (this always hints of vulnerability to me, collared)
  • Mouth (duh! yummy!)
  • Eyes (a single eye or both, peeking over a gag maybe…)
  • Back (across the shoulders with back of the head, or maybe that sexy dipped small of the back)
  • Feet (with ankles or not, in cuffs, bound)
  • Hair (luxuriously long, or not – bald heads are guh!)

Submit Your Photo

The photo submissions are completely anonymous. I will not know who you are and will not get any personal information about you when you submit a photo.

You are welcome to submit more than one photo.

I will leave this open for submissions until 24th July (that’s my birthday you know!).


Next Steps

I honestly have no idea how many photos I will get, but I hope it will be a lot. The number and type will influence how I end up displaying them. My fervent hope is that I get a large and diverse set of photos that I can put together to celebrate submissive men in all their fabulous glory.

That doesn’t seem too much to ask for my birthday does it?

** 23 Jul, Edited to add: Thank you so much to everyone who is contributing. I can happily say that going to my inbox and seeing wonderful photos of submissive men is making me smile every morning. I am very keen to see more, and you still have time, so please don’t be shy!

Since I can’t reply to individuals given the anonymous nature of the submission form, I wanted to add that if your photo doesn’t fit the brief, I will not be using it. In particular, I am getting some ‘fetish dress’ photos, when I specifically asked for *naked*. I *am* giving some leeway if the clothing is vanilla and doesn’t detract from the ‘beauty of submissive man’ feel of the photo, but I particularly wanted to avoid ‘fetish gear’ photos because I want to see YOU au natural (whatever snippet you are willing to share), and not a fetish-dressed version.

Update: The beauty we created

The incredibly beautiful end result of this project can be found here: Submissive men: A celebration of beauty. Enjoy.

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  1. Ferns I am not “beautiful”! You can see for yourself.
    Here is a picture, all anonymous like.

    Oh and I am not submissive either, even though I do love to love in many ways including submissive ways.

    Happy birthday!



  2. My favorite pictures of the beast I’m all “those are mine!” If I impose ‘Sweets’ across it count? =P I’ll have to see if I can find one of him that doesn’t make me want to claim territory, JUST FOR YOUR special day!

    1. Thank you, I would really love it if you submitted one, you know, FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!

      If you wrote ‘Sweets’ *on his body*, that would totally cover all bases.

      I look forward to it!


      1. He’s too far away for another 2 months again, or I definitely would put together something special for you. Still flipping through my stash. I ummm… get distracted. *smiles sweet* Fun project in general! I look forward to seeing your very own personalized Birthday Card! Maybe I should scrape together a blog before my birthday, just for my birthday! ha

        1. “Still flipping through my stash. I ummm… get distracted.”

          That is completely awesome!

          I hope you find something that you don’t mind sharing, that would be wonderful!


  3. Wot no women allowed to submit pics of their submissive hotness???? It’s my birfday on Thurs you know!

    *sulks mightly muttering about stoopid hetrosexual people*


    P.S.Happy Birthday

    1. No women! Their submissive hotness is not a present for me, and it’s all about me you know!

      Huge happy birthday for Thursday!! *throws cake*

      And thank you so much for the birthday wishes *smile*.


  4. * throws cake back grins and raises an eyebrow*

    I’m sure the boys would pay good money to see us do this


  5. Done! Happy Birthday Ferns! (Hint: You have this submissive well in hand with red cord… ) May you have your birthday cake and savor every last bite too!

    1. @Zero2Infinity: *smile* The ‘in hand with red cord’ and the file name were huge hinty mchints!! A really beautiful photo, thank you!


  6. Your birthday project sounds like so much fun! Makes me almost wish I had a submissive man lying about. But what on earth would I do with one of those?! :-) I can’t wait to view your entries.


  7. What’s the time limit on this? I ask because I’m fickle and will take like 100 photos, not like any of them and then take 100 more.

      1. I feel mildly weird about sending you a picture of my arm but it’s the only part of my body I’m not self-conscious about.

  8. Anyone else notice, that people have to *submit* their pictures to be part of the project?

    *sniggers prematurely*

    Anyways, I love the idea and can’t wait to see all the beautiful men out there!

  9. “Anything is fair game with the exception of arsehole shots (I cannot make beautiful things out of arseholes or things in arseholes).”

    That did make me laugh.

    Supposing a chap’s khyber is already beautiful, as indeed is my own? Philistine. :-(

      1. “I will wait quietly over here for your beautiful photo, puppy.


        Gawd. It’s good that I know you well enough to realise that that *wasn’t* an invitation for a butthole shot!

        Damnit, though, how are we going to do tasteful photos of ourselves? We’re probably mostly single lads. Who will we get to take the photos?

    1. I should have specified that ascii characters != photograph. In case that wasn’t clear.

      Though in this instance, I appreciate your restraint in *only* doing this in ascii.

      I eagerly await the mature fitness porn shot of you in all your beautiful glory…


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Wolf!

      And if I’m not mistaken, one of the photos was yours… I appreciate it very much, so thank you for that also.


      1. Yes, a photo (“Denial”) was from me. Thank you for your praise. I hope you enjoy it.
        Best regards
        (Sorry – my English is very bad.)

  10. I have just submitted a photo I have on FetLife of my wife’s bare feet in my face and one of her toes in my mouth. I hope this is not too far away from what you are looking for. Happy Birthday!

  11. I love this project and I hope you get enough photos for a whole series of blogs posts. Submissive men are indeed the hotness and there should be more photos showing how delicious they are.

    1. I love it also… Getting fabulous photos of wonderful submissive men (and parts of submissive men!) in my inbox is completely amazing and smile-making!


  12. I shot a photo, just about now now.
    It fell to Ferns, I know not how.
    If it should please her, make her grin,
    I may try sending one, again.

    1. *laugh* And poetry also?! Thank you. And you are most welcome to submit one, then another. It would please me AND make me grin.


  13. hi, i linked to your site via fetlife and found your project very interesting, and wanted to submit (excuse the pun :) ) something….however it seems its now closed?

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