What do Dommes eat?

Seeing a Domme in the wild is a rare thing…

She has shown off her physical ability (albeit clumsily, while flailing about like the subspecies, Phoebeus Embarrassus), we have taken a peek at her mating habits, we have ascertained that she has a ‘sloth beats greed‘ approach to food, and she has also demonstrated that she doesn’t cook.

So then, what does this elusive creature eat?

Let’s take a look, shall we? Quietly … Continue Reading

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I love crushes. I do.

I know that ‘crush’ is a childish word, but it fits.

Crushes are something unique, intense and heart breaking, capable of making you soar, all dreamy-light, and equally capable of sending you crashing face first into the dirt. They usually don’t have intent, not really, realism is too mundane for a crush. They are fanciful, whimsical, the object of your crush can be completely untouchable, might be a word, a … Continue Reading

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Vagina gym!

I bought a vagina gym!

Lelo Luna

Since I’m getting all fit and stuff, I figured, hey, how about vagina fitness?!!

So, I bought a vagina gym.

These Luna Beads by Lelo are a kind of ben wa balls. They are different weights: the pink are 28 grams and the blue are 37 grams. The balls themselves have smaller weighted balls inside them which shift as you move. You can use just one, or two at … Continue Reading

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More from Formspring!

Ooh ooh, more questions from Formspring… I am loving that thing. Fun!

You CAN see the latest Formspring Q&A anytime under the Ask Me! link at the top there, but yeah, I know, that requires a whole ‘move-the-mouse-and-click’ level of effort and I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to do it, so here they are…

The girl I like thinks she’s a domme, but I feel she’s got it all wrong Continue Reading

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Shit Ferns says #4

Random stuff I said recently, because I am an over-sharer…

…because *why isn’t there a baby savage in there*?!!

I must be running like a little tip-toeing fairy on amphetamines.

That’s a relief because the heaving bosom of moist emails will barely be able to keep their panties on.

I shall be over *there* pouting and sticking pins in a voodoo doll that looks very much like you!!

Pretty boys should be encouraged to

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