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Hello 22yo_slave_from_nowhere_near_me,

If you are really a slave then the least you can do is pay attention to what women say in their profiles and behave accordingly.

Does my profile say: “If you are nowhere near me and have no way to actually serve me, please email me with poor spelling and grammar begging to be my slave”?

I just checked and it doesn’t.

So, no.

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Shit Ferns says… #2

Random, out of context shit I said this week (first one is here). This is laziness recycling at its finest, folks!

Ninja tiger gecko says nothing because hey, NINJA! You can’t even SEE that mofo!

“Take this boring, pedestrian sex, bitch!”

I must collect these things for my ‘crazy old lady’ dotage

Eek! Blinded by the glory of ninja tiger gecko!

Rawwrr! *waggles butt*

I am a dead milkman, only not dead, and not

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On socialising and being an introvert

The last BDSM event I went to was with e, there were maybe 200 people there.

He is quite involved in his local community and knows pretty much everyone. Obviously, I didn’t know anyone.

We hung around together, whispering and laughing, having some drinks, talking to people, and at some point we drifted apart.

I spent some time speaking to a rigger about a book project he was working on while he explained in gleeful … Continue Reading

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Dominance and conflict

There is a perception by some out there in the world that dominants enjoy conflict. Maybe some dominants do, but I’m not one of them.

One of the reasons I operate better in a D/s relationship is because I *dislike* conflict. I don’t like arguing, I don’t like fighting, and I *really* don’t like wasting time on stupid irrelevancies that shouldn’t even be a ‘thing’.

I want a harmonious, happy relationship where my sweetheart and … Continue Reading

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