Survey: Results part V

More comments from the survey… If you think I might be close to the end, I’m not! I just hope my roman numerology can keep up…

Why do you read my blog?

Straight male submissive, 36-45

I love wit. Our world is bland and literal. You make me think and laugh with your wit. Plus the intensity, I can hear the panting (you rarely hear that), but it’s hard to tell whether it was you or the boy panting.

Thinking and laughing… two of my favourite things. And I love this: “…I can hear the panting…but it’s hard to tell whether it was you or the boy panting.”! I think it must be him. Dommes don’t pant, doncha know…we are too busy being all Dommely and stuff!

Straight male unsure, 36-45

I am keen to learn more about this have many questions to which I hope to find many or even juist some answers

I hope you are finding some – perhaps I should do a Sunday Curiosity post for questions again. Fetlife is a great resource for questions, if you have some to ask. Or, you know, you could pop me an email if you would like to ask about something in particular. I have opinions on pretty much everything, and I’m not shy about sharing (quelle surpris!)…

Straight male submissive, 46-55

Haven’t been reading long as only recently found out about you on Fetlife. So far, still interested in you and hoping to see a pic of you soon ;-)

*laugh* Are you still with me despite the lack of photo? I’m not as gorgeous as you think I am, I can promise you that (c’mon, nobody in the real world looks like *that*!), but I’m pretty darned fabulous… (and modest, of course!).

Straight female dominant, 46-55

Ha! Yes I do think that!

*grin* This one confused me until I realised that you ticked ‘I think you are magnificent’ in the preceding multiple choice and were referring to that! Also thereby showing that you are both smart AND perceptive! Thank you!!

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  1. Disco: “Thanks for the link to Fetlife! I, too, love your blog for learning. <3"

    You are so welcome! I'm glad you are learning something because sooner or later, there will be a test!


  2. I’m pretty darned fabulous… (and modest, of course!)

    Now that you’ve been gymming for a while, you’re even MORE fabulous! HA!… Like you didn’t see that coming.

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