My sent emails XIX

Hello wishfulsub,

It’s none of my business, really, but I sometimes send notes to submissive men who I think are shooting themselves in the foot.

Re your post:

When you ignore messages from newbies like me you are probably missing out on the potential of a great sub…. [etc.]

Your profile picture is likely to put off 99.9% of women. Honestly, when you are contributing in a thread or sending an email, you are, at the same time, screaming, “Look… LOOK… I have a thing… a THING STUCK UP MY BUTT!!!”.

It is really offputting.

As I said, what you do is none of my business, but please believe that I am trying to help because your actual post was sensible and reasonable, and if you are being ignored, I would not be surprised if your profile picture contributes to it.


** I would note here that said recipient thanked me for my input, asked for my advice on what might be more appropriate, and immediately changed his profile picture… yay, wins!!

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  1. Bravo! Your contributions to society have not gone unnoticed!

    I always assume when they have pictures of their dangly meat for a profile picture that they are letting me know they act like a dick. I appreciate their being upfront about that!


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