Submissive Secrets – a new community arts project

I suspect that many of you are familiar with Male Submission Art (if not, why not?!). It is a site that shows beautiful images of male submission that challenge the stereotypes.

Maymay (the founder of has now created a spinoff called Submissive Secrets. It is a community-based art project inspired by the PostSecret idea.

Submissive Secrets is a forum to tell the stories and share the thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears that submissive men and those who love them have in a way that offers solidarity, compassion, empathy, trust, sympathy, lust, and, of course, love.

The objective is to collect the stories of any male or male-identified person who is submissively inclined or curious; to collect the stories of everyone else who is attracted to, interested in, or supportive of such drives for personal fulfillment.

I’m unashamedly encouraging everyone to share a piece of their story, to make a statement about who we are, the challenges we face, the beauty we create in the world.

This is mine:

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  1. Anonymous: “Ahh! The only downside of this format is that now I'm pining for text-less versions of all the images!”

    I can help you out a little: Domina has some wonderful images, sooo worth a look!).

    Also, if you right click and 'View Image' from the site, you can enter the URL into and it will still find the original (untexted) images if they are in the the index.

    Ferns (your friendly neighbourhood geek)

  2. robert: “Who is the woman in the picture you posted?”

    I have no idea who either of them are. It is an image that I found, uncredited, on the internet.


  3. Fernflower: “We might be the ones with 'power' but oh boy do they have so much power over Us.”

    Absolutely… but… shhhh… no telling!


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