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Another photo of my most awesome ropework on the pretty boy…

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  1. Lovely ropes! Are you self-taught? There's so little art involving males in rope. I'm drooling! Thank you for sharing.


  2. slapshot: “Impressive! … It looks very tight. I can see where it could be a bit disconcerting to be trussed up like that.”

    It *does* look tight doesn't it? But if you put your arms behind your back in that position, I expect you will find that you can pull your arms in *much* tighter than that. The 'tightness' is more because he was relaxed against the ropes than it actually being all that constricting.


  3. Sweets: “Lovely ropes! Are you self-taught?”

    Thank you, and I am self taught, which sounds much more impressive than 'copied this from a Knotty Boys video' *laugh*

    “There's so little art involving males in rope. I'm drooling! Thank you for sharing.”

    I know!!! Isn't it irritating, *especially* because all of the 'here's how you do it' videos and books have female targets and photos?! But, I have a treat for you: Van Darkholme's Male Bondage*drool*

    You're welcome!


  4. *claps* Bravo!!! And it's almost my birthday!! I've added it to my expanding wishlist. Thank you much!

    I do love the Knotty Boys, I should try more of my own after watching them. It never hurts to try… me… it never hurts me to try!!


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