Bandwagon’s right there, I’m jumpin’

I will be hugely surprised if you haven’t seen this yet, after all, you *use* the internet and it is everywhere already, but it hits the heights of such excellence that I am reblogging it anyway. This is about the billionth time it has been reblogged, retweeted, re-WTF’ed…

Gap’s new line. It still makes me laugh!

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  1. Does make you wonder if this was the point. I *almost* want to buy a pair just to say.. hehehehe. But then I just don't like the gap much, so I won't

  2. Coug: “Oh boy either someone has no clue or a very sly sense of humour!”

    I know! Surely *someone* who eyed this before it went out on the market went “Hooolllddd ooonnn…!”, or maybe they just sniggered and went “Great name Gladys!” and giggled themselves stupid. The other possibility is that they actually KNEW and went “Strap-on sex?! Oh hell yeah, that's so TOTALLY the Gap image!!”

    Either one is completely baffling. And if it's the former, what the hell is it supposed to mean?!!

    Too funny!!


  3. Maggie: “Does make you wonder if this was the point.”

    It does, yes. I mean, how naive can they be? I am starting to think that this is a photoshopped label since I *know* Gap do 'boyfriend' jeans. If it is, it's brilliant, but not nearly as much fun!!


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