Survey: Results part VII

More from the survey results…… Really… I’m not close to done yet!

Why do you read my blog?

Straight female dominant, 36-45

much in common. And – you write beautifully.

Oh, you are me!!! And thank you for the compliment.

Queer Genderqueer. I present, and live, as female, though I also identify as a butch gay man. dominant, 18-35

I like reading the stories and experiences of other dominant women.

I’m glad you can relate. I don’t identify as a gay man, but I have often thought that I would love to play as a gay male dominant. Me, but with manly strength and a cock with nerve endings… *phew*

Straight male submissive, 46-55

Your thoughts give me fodder for my own. It’s of some comfort to know that I am not alone.

I can be fodder with the best of them! And no, you are *so* not alone!

Pansexual male general kinkster, 46-55

It’s well-written.

*smile* thank you!

Straight male general kinkster, 46-55

Your insight and sense of humor. Thank Eris this is anonymous, or I’d be accused of sucking up.

*nod nod* Too late, I know who you are… you can suck up to me anytime you like… heh…

Straight female dominant, 36-45

living vicariously through someone else.

Oh! You must have living a little quietly over the last little while?! Sorry about that! I will work on it!

Loves: 1
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  1. I read your blogs because i disagree with a lot of them :)
    I of course being submissive couldnt possibly comment further.

    xx subrob

  2. subrob: “I read your blogs because i disagree with a lot of them…”

    Shhh… shhhh… it's ok… it's ok to be wrong… *laugh*

    “I of course being submissive couldnt possibly comment further.”

    Ha! Of course you can! I have lovely submissive friends who disagree with me also from time to time… Of course, they are wrong too… One day they will learn this…


  3. I've been meaning to post, but been busy getting reading to marry my slave next weekend –

    My deepest sympathy on your mother.

    Your photo with the glass present you gave yourself for your bDay was beautiful.

    I wish for you all sorts of better times, a new boy to play with and lots of heat.


  4. MistressKimm: Thank you for the kind thoughts and the compliment on the photo *smile*.

    But but but…

    “I've… been busy getting reading to marry my slave next weekend”

    Most of all… oh my goodnes!! Huge congratulations!!! How I love love love happiness!! All the very best to you and your slave *happy sigh*


  5. Anonymous: “I read it because I love you and you think I don't. Who could I be?”

    No. You did *not* just do this to me, anonymous! It is sweet and baffling and totally unfair!

    *leaves a trail of cookes*

    C'mon, out you come… I have cookies…


  6. * smiles * A trail of cookes ? need more than that me dear *smiles *
    I'll tell you in a whisper I promise but lets let the game play out. We have rumpled covers metaphorically is a clue :)

  7. Just waiting for another graph to appear
    but since You have cookies Ms Ferns thats a diffrent matter.


  8. N: “I'm surprised that so many readers are 36+! Where are all the younger perverts?”

    Now N… if I may point you back to my most awesome graphs, you will note that 44.4% of my readers are 18-35s.

    It *may* be that those who actually left comments in the survey were the more mature folks (pushy outspoken buggars!)… I have not done a graph to show if that is true… not yet anyway…


  9. slapshot: “Is that a “Tim Tam” I see over there?
    ~creeping slowly towards it~”

    *casually kicks the Tim Tam a little closer* Mmmmm… chocolate-coated chocolate-filled chocolatey goodness…


  10. ID: “Just waiting for another graph to appear
    but since You have cookies Ms Ferns thats a diffrent matter.”

    I know you love them really… the graphs, not the cookies…


  11. M: “I'm at 21 year old (mostly straight) submissive female but I find your entries so very hot”

    Thank you M! You are in the tiny 3.9% of female submissives… welcome!!


  12. – smirks at “(mostly straight)” –
    Come on over we have better cookies AND ice cream.

    Plus I get a toaster according to Fern

    (Definitely NOT straight) Domme

  13. Coug: “Plus I get a toaster…”

    Not *just* a plain old toaster… if you convert someone to gayness you get an *oven* toaster!!! Everyone knows that!!


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