Survey: Results part III

Why do you read my blog?

Heteroflexible male submissive, 36-45

Just in case my favourest kink of all were ever to come up. And also: because you make D/s feel not just hot, but poetically hot.

Now, I *know* what your favourite kink is, my dear friend (I am magic like that… ) and the likelihood that it is going to come up in a post is … errrmm… about 50-50. And thank you for ‘poetically hot’ – I love that!

Heteroflexible male submissive, 18-35

I enjoy getting all kinds of perspectives on kink, and your perspectives are particularly well written.

I enjoy getting all sorts of different perspectives also – utterly fascinating! And thank you for the compliment.

Heteroflexible female dominant, 18-35

Incredibly hot stories! Always a fun read. Helps to see another woman with a similar mindset with myself. I’m younger, 25 years old, and still finding my way. Love getting to read your take on things, play, and real life interaction.

Oh, you are a gorgeous spring chicken! I am glad that it helps to see that you are not alone in your mindset… it makes me happy when other women can relate.

Straight male submissive, 56-65

I go real time in 3 weeks after being in and around the lifestyle for over 30 years . I am coming out so to speak. I am older but I have much to offer . I am alpha in real life , submissive to powerful, intelligent women. I do not do humiliation , animals,scat or pee nor any fetish I can think of . I think BDSM is about submission for me , ejaculation at command of my mistress and to serve . Of course I will be required to be used in many ways. :) Sex is farthest from my thoughts in BDSM but also a big thing in my mind. Complex ? respectfully *~nick removed~*

Real time after 30 years of interest!!! Phew!!! And 3 weeks from the survey is… any minute now…! Exciting!! Best of luck with your foray into the real world – I do hope it goes well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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