Survey: Results part II

I’ve been trying to figure out how to post the ‘free text’ parts of the survey. To me, they are the most interesting responses because you all got to say whatever you wanted, but obviously, there is no way to categorise them, nor do I want to try and fit them into little boxes.

So, I have decided to slip them in at random, little snippets of feedback drip-fed through the posts in no particular order. They are sweet and touching and funny and totally lovely and it makes me happy to share them.

Here is the first set of many…

Why do you read my blog?

Straight male submissive, 46-55

Because I like you, and enjoy the opportunity too learn more about how you think and feel!

Awww, this is from a very dear friend of mine, I’d recognise that sweetness anywhere! Thank you, not-bear!

Heteroflexible female switch, 46-55

I’ve read some of your FABULOUS posts on FetLife and had to have MORE. *wink*

*wink back* I do get to express my opinion in shotgun snippets over there, which I love. I’m really glad you can relate to my posts and am happy you were led here by my shameless self promotion…!

Heteroflexible male submissive, 36-45

You are a fantastic writer! I’d say you are an author or something. (Denise Mina type…?)

*smile* Well, thank you! Mind you, I had to look her up… Her biography reads, in part: “Well, her personal grooming is shameful, her house is filthy and her children run wild in the fields. She found a mushroom in the shower the other day. What sort of woman is that?”

What are you trying to say, hmmm?

Straight male submissive, 46-55

The world needs more dominant women! It’s always good to find a real woman who realises that her place is “in charge” and clearly enjoys her position of authority.

The world *does* need more dominant women, and more fabulous submissive men! We shall have to start a political party based on that exact premise. We can call it the “Yes, Ma’am” party and run on a platform of “Shut the hell up and do what you’re told, boy”. I’m liking the party t-shirts.

Loves: 1
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  1. Charlene: “I like that idea. The “Yes Ma'am” party!”

    Me too! I shall start work on the recruitment forthwith!


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