For the IT geeks…

(because no-one else will think this is funny…)


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  1. hotkick: “Dilbert is a huge hit in IT circles anyway…”

    Absolutely! I think we all secretly believe that Scott Adams works in *our* company… (when really, he works in mine…).


  2. slapshot: “OH OH, Have I exposed myself as a geek?”

    Yes!!! You totally have… geek!! *laugh*. I get Dilbert delivered to my inbox daily… love love love it! It is so scarily scarily right and that's why it's so damn funny!


  3. Hahaha! LOVE it!
    I used to have a Dilbert calender at my first ever office job – yup, sat in a cubicle – and it cheered me (and my colleagues) up every single day.

    Never saw the D/s aspect of it before though… very good.

  4. Allie: “Never saw the D/s aspect of it before though… very good.”

    I have never seen it like this before either… it came out on May 26th and I was really really hoping for a few on this theme, which he does from time to time, but it was the only one. Drat!!


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