Survey: Quick and dirty

There are some questions that you asked in my survey that are easy to answer, I like easy! If you want to out yourselves as the owners of said questions by fessing up in the comments, feel free… the confession box is open…

Ready? Here goes:

A daily cartoon strip?

*laugh* Ummmm… no, but that did make me laugh. And I have included a couple that I stole from elsewhere*, just for you!

(I look exactly like that, by the way…)

I cringe at ‘domme’ every time.

Not a question, but I just wanted to say… Domme Domme Domme Domme. Heh.

Curious if you have ever had a female sub… ?

No, I haven’t. My first love, though, was female. She spoilt me for other women.

Are you perfect?

I think this might have been a rhetorical question, but the answer is, of course, a resounding and completely objective ‘hell yes!’

I’ve always wondered where in the world you live!

Australia. By the way, you are a rubbish stalker… that information is on my profile here, and a very superficial digging would narrow it down further! When, oh when will I get a decent stalker befitting of my station in life!?

Can you call a D/s relationship sweet?

Yes! A hundred times yes! And thank you for referring to my relationship with my boy that way. I *do* think that D/s relationships are terribly sweet and hugely, unutterably romantic.

The survey is now closed, sorry. Maybe I’ll run another one sometime…

* Not only stole, but edited because I am an ego maniac… apologies to the original artists for defacing their work! I shall rectify immediately upon threat of legal action.

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  1. When, oh when will I get a decent stalker befitting of my station in life!?

    Oh! I hadn't realized the posish was still open.

    I'll be submitting (heh) my resume forthwith.

  2. Tom: “I'll be submitting (heh) my resume forthwith.”

    Well, just so you know, the minimum job requirements are:

    – at least five grovelling and creepy comments here per day

    – at least seven glowing emails per day, of which at least four must contain the words 'goddess', 'worship' and 'you are perfection'

    – you must sycophantically agree with any posts I make on any discussion boards, while also attacking anyone who dares to disagree with scary aggression and threats of violence

    – you must continually make inappropriate, suggestive and explicit remarks that I will find terribly offensive and then act surprised when called on it

    – you must …

    Oh hell… I mean really, how hard is it to get good help these days?!


  3. Wendy Blackheart: “Actually, “Domme” drives me nuts too.”

    You're not the lone ranger there, but I like it. AND I capitalise it… so there are two separate levels of irritation possible in it… heh.


  4. Yardbird: “OK, I confess: I was the one talking in your ear and, later, begging for the ice cream.”

    *smile* Thank you for your confession, I loved that comment! It was so random, with the ice cream and toe rings… and thank you for the lovely compliment in it also.

    I'm glad you feel better now… me too.


  5. I have no problem with anyone else using domme, as long as they don't say 'Dom-may', which also drives me nuts. If your going to make up a fake French word, you might as well use the proper pronunciation.

    I actually feet a tiny bit bad, because while out side of an event, in my smoking days, someone came up to me and while we were chatting, asked 'So, are you a DOM-MAY?'. I gave them *such* a look, they kind of slunk away after. Generally, I'm not that mean, but I *hate* that word. Plus, it was 2 am and my feet and ankles were itchy with mosquito bites. So.

  6. Wendy: “I have no problem with anyone else using domme, as long as they don't say 'Dom-may'…”

    *~laugh~* I have NEVER heard anyone say Dom-may. I think I would laugh in their face – it would make me immediately think that they have spent waaayyy too much time online. Bless 'em.


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