What’s broken is enough

I didn’t say that this was gonna be easy
And I know that you know how to please me

I close my eyes…
I voice my fears…
I close my heart, ’cause what’s broken is enough
So open your ears, this is the sound of breaking up

What is this ‘Break Up Project’ and why are you suddenly only posting song clips?!

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  1. Ferns,

    There is a singer/songwriter named Lucinda Williams. She is my favorite artist. When I went through a terrible break up, I played her CD “World Without Tears” every day. All of the songs on the album relate to break ups and relationship endings. Some are very angry. When I went to see her live there were all these women who follow her around the country to her concerts because they think she “talks” to them. Her view is much like yours. She does not believe that she talks to anyone but is simply and honestly recounting her feeling and emotions. In many ways she reminds me of you and your blogging.


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