Bedtime story

We are on the phone. It is late. He is tired.

“Go and brush your teeth, get into bed, and I will read you a bedtime story…”

He thinks I am joking. I’m not. After a few minutes, he is still talking to me… I interrupt him.

“Teeth, bed! Go on!”

He laughs softly with surprise, “Yes Ma’am!” and scrambles off to do just that. I hear him shuffling and moving about.

Presently he returns, scooches into bed, tells me that he’s ready.

“I’m going to read you the story, then I am going to say goodnight, ok?”

“Ok… but… what if I fall asleep?”

I smile, “That’s ok, it’s a bedtime story!”

“Really, you won’t think it’s rude?”

“No!… Now.. shhhh…”

He smiles… nods… settles into bed, snuffling and curling up.

I wait a moment for him to get comfortable, and begin to read.

I read softly to him, the story is fun, light, has childish rhymes in it that make me stifle a laugh… he snickers occasionally, snuggled up in bed, his eyes closed.  I feel as if I am wrapping him up in it tenderly, lulling him to sleep, petting him.

“…The End,” I say quietly when I finish, “Goodnight, sweet dreams…”

I hear a muffled and sleepy, “Goodnight… night…”

I hang up gently.


I love it when you read to me
And you, you can read me anything

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  1. I agree with subluck. A very sweet and touching video, and with your lovely (non-accented) voice, you can read me a bedtime story whenever you want.

  2. slapshot: “… with your lovely (non-accented) voice, you can read me a bedtime story whenever you want.”

    You are so good to me!! Perhaps I shall pretend to post audio porn and will really do a bedtime story… it will be a major disappointment for many, and much fun!


  3. Seems apropos to follow this up with a contribution. As we all know, the hostess of this domain does indeed read with a gentle, “accent-free”, soothing caress, even if she is sometimes a stickler regarding punctual bedtimes. Ah, but I digress. Here's my contribution. It's not quite as wide reaching as Mr. Gabriel's “Book of Love”, though I am one of his fans. This is Diana Krall performing a well-known Joni Mitchell song. I've found no better interpretation of time and reflection standing still.

    Diana Krall – A Case of You

    Merci Beaucoup Ferns. Merci Beaucoup.

  4. Elan: “Seems apropos to follow this up with a contribution.”

    *smile* Oh, that was lovely… thank you.

    Merci Beaucoup Ferns. Merci Beaucoup

    De rien, Elan.


  5. F,

    *smiles back without further comment*

    (…'cause adding more thanks might start a recursive, infinite loop. Very bad syntax and protocol!)


  6. This is cute. I sometimes make my sub read to me because I usually have to go to bed before he does and I find his voice soothing. :)

  7. I love that song, love, love, love it.
    I discovered it because my kids adore the Gothic Archies (their song, Walking My Gargoyle occasionally gives me naughty thoughts). The lead singer of the Gothic Archies is also the guy from Magnetic Fields, who wrote this song. I have to say though, this song AND Peter Gabriel, double swoon!

  8. Dev: “I sometimes make my sub read to me because I usually have to go to bed before he does and I find his voice soothing.”

    *nod nod* I love it either way, I think we are more vulnerable in that state between awake and sleep and this kind of gentleness is just lovely in that space. *sigh*


  9. dishevelleddomina: “I love that song, love, love, love it.”

    Oh, me too!! I listened to the original, and then some other versions, but this one is just… just… Well, you know!


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