He is tied down, face up when I come back to him and all is a blur, a strobe light of glimpses and moments, time is disjointed and I look at the disarray around me and know that I caused it.

Waxing, nipple clamps, biting, facial contortions, cock slapping, tiny holes from the wartenberg wheel, smacking all over, biting biting, shock, ball stretching, a chain in his mouth, metallic kissing, desperate breathing, riding his mouth, struggling, teeth so many teeth, fear, cropping his cock, nipples, inner thighs, my tongue nearly on his cock, gasping, pulling at skin, more kissing, my nipple in his mouth, groaning, feet on his face, ripping, toes in his mouth, trembling, tasting skin, blood, smacking, rubbing, thrusting, twisting, squeezing, moaning.

I smash into him harder and harder, brutally, like he is a thing in my way, like I have to get past him, through him, over and over.

And then I come.

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  1. Tom Allen: “Oh… oh my.
    My knees feel weak for some reason…”

    *Fans Tom frantically and calls for smelling salts*

    This is why my boy is laid flat on his back… the tying down… well, the tying down is just for fun…


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