Saying ‘no’

You are battered and pathetic and wanting.

And crying, always the crying.

And I make you beg me to fuck you and I say ‘no’, and it makes you scared because you think it means this is over and you beg me to take pieces of you and you beg me to kiss you and you beg me to anchor you to the ground with my body and you beg for something, anything. And I say ‘no’.

And it makes me come, the begging, the needing, the wanting and the saying ‘no’.

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  1. Hi Sx…phew…thought you may disappeared on us..glad to see you still publishing your wondrous account of love and sex and your wicked wicked ways!!
    xxx amusoman!!

  2. amusoman: I'm glad to hear that you are glad! I'm still here… Sometimes life just gets in the way… Don't you just hate that?!


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