Single minded passion

I miss you with a single minded passion, though I have only just seen you and then been asleep, and today I promised myself that I would do some copious amounts of work because you won’t be here and instead I am thinking about you and wanting so to get on the phone and talk to you and call you horrible filthy names and whisper to you about violent rape and fuckery with your face in the dirt in the middle of nowhere and I don’t want anyone else on you or to have you right now and I just want to make you tell me over and over with every part of you, one by one that it belongs to me until we have covered every piece (who does this cock belong to… who do those lips belong to… whose tongue is that, stick it out… who does that dirty slutty fuckhole of a mouth belong to…), but in my head they are still there, the others, wanting to get at you like I have no control over them, they who are me, who want to shove their cocks into your mouth, always with the cocks, and they line up to get into your mouth, each one who is fucking your mouth telling the others, who can hardly wait, what your mouth feels like, wet, your mouth gets wet and hot and I can feel the back of your throat closing when you gag, and you are tied down, kneeling, awkward, with your back against a tree, your wrists pulled back around the trunk, and rough bark scrapes your back raw as your head smashes into it over and over with this cock being shoved into your mouth, only coming out when I want to step back and smash your face, and the others who are waiting are giving instructions, egging on the one who has you at the moment, ‘fucking smack the little bitch!’, ‘fuck his face harder, make him take it all’, ‘choke the filthy slut, make him pass out and then fuck him!’, ‘when do we get his ass, fuck this, bet he’s like some tight little cunt back there’, ‘just fucking move him so we can get in his arse’ and one of them holds up a branch, rough and too wide ‘let’s fuck him with this, see how the dirty bitch likes that’ and they all laugh, but you can see that they really want to do that. And boots are kicking at your legs, shoving them apart, they are already thinking about your arse, your face still being fucked, and you are trying to do what I want, trying to suck my cock, and I keep pulling your head onto me just so that I can shove harder back against your face and make your head smash back into the tree and you are grunting around my cock each time and your nose and eyes are running, and then I have to step out somehow and watch the violence of these men who are me because they untie you and they invite you to run, you are already weak and hurt and so fucking scared and I want to rescue you, I want to kiss you and take you to the ground and get as much of my skin on yours as I can get, to cover you with my body, your cock hard between our bodies, my stomach on yours, my breasts against your chest, eating up your mouth, and feel you open up to me with one scared eye on them and your raw skin rubbing against the ground, and they know that I want your arse, this arse that I own, and they hold your legs up and apart for me and I shove my cock into your arse and fuck you and you sob into my mouth because it’s so fucking good and it’s me-and-you and it hurts your arse and it rips more skin off your back, and they can watch and they can want your mouth and your arse, but both are mine, and fucking you and touching you and kissing you and having those sounds go straight into my mouth, all that makes me want to hurt you and then we come back to the violence, and I don’t want to stop fucking you, I just want to come, I want your mouth on my cunt, and your tongue and your lips on me, but it’s too gentle and I step out, and they invite you to run.

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  1. You live on the other side of the planet, but I swear our minds parallel one another. Your erotica is almost always spot-on what I’ve been thinking recently. Right after I let my insecurity hurt my boy’s trust, you wrote ‘Bleeding Heart’. Now, as I’m jealous of every moment everyone else in the world spends with him, you’ve written, ‘Single Minded Passion’. Nor are these the first. Your writing is gorgeous, and always touches me. I’ve added you to my list I follow, and recommended you to my readers :)

  2. Bellaforte: “I swear our minds parallel one another…”

    Oh, how exciting! I will do my best to make sure I only write about fabulous experiences and hopefully they will reflect great things going on with you…

    “Your writing is gorgeous, and always touches me.”

    Thank you so much, I’m always delighted when I hear from other women, that made my day.


  3. bqueen: I’m glad it touched you, I love that! And yes, need *is* deep indeed, heart breakingly, beautifully, painfully so.

    I hope you and your far away love are reunited soon.


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