Under instruction

‘Get on your knees’

‘Stroke your cock (my cock)’

‘Use my panties’


‘Faster now’

‘Put a nipple clamp on your left nipple’

‘Stroke my cock gently’

‘Put the other nipple clamp on your right nipple’

‘More, softly, softly’

You are vocal, which I adore.

My instructions punctuated by your audio-porn.

Your moist-mouthed and laboured breathing makes me want to come.

I am wet, of course.

I bring my fingers to my pussy and touch myself while you do what I say.

I feed you my arousal and you reflect it back to me magnified.

‘Take the nipple clamps off, one at a time’

Your voice changes at the pain of it, whimpers, a sobbing.

Our breathing and moans float desperate in the air.

I can’t tell which are yours and which are mine.

When I come, you make a strangled sound.

You are not allowed to come.

Loves: 7
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  1. I want to be a good boy, but then I read posts like this one and end up torturing myself. Guess I’ll be taking a cold shower now before bed.

    No touching the naughty-parts. I will be a good boy.

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