Pornographic statue

I want to keep you there forever, there on the floor like a piece of art… face to the ground, my panties in your mouth, my stockings over your face, you are made into a voiceless, faceless thing. Needles through your nipples, your arse in the air, cut and bleeding, inviting attention, blood dripping down your chest, your legs. You make throaty inarticulate grunting sounds into the gag each time I pay you any attention, any time I pass. I want to keep you there, just like that, until I decide I want something else, until I tell you what I want next. Like some living pornographic statue that I can slap when I pass, or kick with a boot, or fuck with my fingers, or scratch with my nails, or sink my teeth into, or hit with the cane, or pet whenever I feel like it.

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  1. Holy goodness. Fantastic. I vividly recall the first time I read this and how it turned my brain into viscous gelatins that splashed out my nose and formed a puddle on the floor. Come to think of it, that explains my career path since 2009.
    Thank you

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