Card game

I pass you some cards, face down on the table and wait for you to select one and turn it up, watching your expression as you do. And it makes me smile because of course what is on the cards is random, scary, fun, silly, painful, horrible, delicious. And for once, I let you keep your clothes on because it makes you feel safe and protected, and the cards will take care of that soon enough, if you choose one that does, take care of that. And some of those cards will elicit a huge smile and a touch of relief and a softening of those pretty eyes, and that would be lovely. And some of them will make you hard, make you lick your lips, make you moan softly, and god, I would love that. And some of them will make you glance quickly up, and then back down, wanting to put it back on the table, but that’s not an option.

And if you pick one of those cards, the third type, maybe you would hold it in your hands, close to you, resisting turning it up to show me what you had chosen, and I would wait, and in the waiting I would start to lean forward, watching your face and you would look at me with a slight shake of your head and a furrow in your brow, and that starts to make me hunger. And I would wait and hold your gaze and the longer you take, the more I want to see it, that card.

And if you hesitated long enough, and looked unsure enough, and your breathing was getting ragged because you are thinking about what is on the card, I might lean right across the table, and shove you backwards with my mouth on yours, feeling your chair start to tip, and pushing anyway, with my mouth, feeling teeth clash, which makes us both wince, not caring, just wanting it, your mouth. And still you are holding the card, and maybe crushing it a little and kissing me back, and it makes me growl deep in my throat, your lips moving under mine, tasting your tongue, and god the kissing is so fucking good. And it has you not thinking about the card anymore, there, being crushed in your fingers.

Until I pull away, and I look at your hand, holding the card, and I look back into your face, and I say, ‘Show me’.

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  1. We play a card game like this,It involves all our toys and a selection of massage oils.Cards are made up of Duties for me(for her viewing pleasure)and pleasures for her. It makes for a very Hot and sexually charged night.

  2. Secretive Slave: “i would guess the card says “Make me take this card from you, you won't regret it””

    Or maybe, maybe it said… oh, wait, that's right… no telling!


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