I love…

I love talking with you, I love hearing about what you are doing, I love when you speak nonsense to me, I love that you make me laugh, I love how your voice gets lower and softer and more beautiful when you talk about your body and describe to me your bruises and cuts, I love how that feels like seduction to me, I love that they belong to me, those marks, I love how you breath, heavy and rasping when you are about to come, or not allowed to come, I love how you ask me if I want to hurt you, please, I love that desperate sucking of breath you do when you are dealing with pain, I love how you make those soft grunting sounds, I love how you say my name in that way. I feel the lust rise from the pit of my stomach even as I write all that, deliciously turning over and hitting me deep inside. I want more of you, I always want more of you, I want to make you do that over and over until you can’t bear it anymore.

Love: 1
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