She hungers

She hungers.

Misdirected hunger, unfocussed hunger, a Domme-frenzy that is eating her up even as she hungers.

She trawls the grubby website for boys, boys that she doesn’t have to woo, boys that will come to her and offer themselves without reservation, boys that will let her do what she wants immediately, now, on first meet, without fear.

She views them, their lists of interests, looking for one who is local, one who likes pain, one who is tall and lean and slutty, one who will get naked and let himself be beaten, one who still seems interesting enough to give her something back.

She broadens her search, younger now, the younger ones she normally wouldn’t consider, the ones with whom she would have no conversation, she doesn’t want conversation, she doesn’t want to get to know them, she doesn’t want to woo, she is wooless.

He messages her, this one she viewed; they do that sometimes, these viewed submissive boys. This one, who she has already dismissed as too young, too service orientated. He offers, in that slutty way some boys do. He offers himself to be of service to her, a stranger, a ‘Domme’, that is enough.

She tells him, ‘Just a beating, that’s all I want, you are not a beatee’.

‘Oh, I am, I can be’, he offers himself.

She scoffs, he continues to offer, and she discovers that he is articulate and aware, and still he offers, and she stops scoffing.

‘Come’, she says, ‘then meet me, let’s see if you can be beaten’.

And he steps up and they meet, and she likes him, all tall and lean and young and good looking and smarter than she thought and half-nervous and sweet. She watches his mouth as he talks, his eyes, his mouth, his eyes, and he is bold and he holds her gaze and she likes that, and it makes something inside her shift, and she gives him a half smile and he smiles back and in it she sees a recognition pass between them.

He makes positive noises, says the right things, yet still he holds onto reluctance, he says yes, then maybe, then yes, then maybe, he doesn’t know.

‘I’ll give you a week’, she says, ‘to come up from a maybe to a yes, to come up with a yes please’.

‘Ok’, he agrees.

And she says goodbye with a hand on his neck to pull him to her, stepping into him to give him a kiss on the cheek, and he tilts his head down to her, compliant, she wipes his cheek of non-existent lipstick to see what it feels like to touch him. She enjoys how that feels and she would like to hurt him, to make him hard, to watch him struggle, to see his pretty face change. She turns and leaves.

They keep in touch and he assures her he is in, for two days he is in, and on the third, fourth and fifth days he is silent and on the sixth day he says ‘no’ with a lot of words.


And she hungers, she trawls the grubby website for boys…

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  1. axe: “Too service orientated” in this context is simply not what I wanted.

    I wanted someone I could get into a room and hit with stuff (*swoon* how romantic… I know!), and his profile was about pampering, massage and domestic service, so there was a clear mismatch.

    If I was looking for something more serious or longer term, I would not have said he was too service orientated at all. In fact pampering, massage and domestic service sound just about perfect. So unless you want to attract frenzied Dommes who just want to beat you up (do you?!), no need to tone down anything.

    I also want to comment on the ‘flaky sub’ term, which does get bandied about a lot. He wasn’t flaky. He was honest with me about his circumstances, and he came back to let me know his decision within the agreed timeframe. That’s perfectly reasonable and honourable behaviour.


  2. “Too service orientated”?I’d love to read your thoughts on why someone could be too service oriented.Perhaps I need to tone that side of me down a bit.Sorry to read about yet another flaky sub.

  3. Darkfootsteps: Thank you so much for your kind words.There are stories you don’t get? You can ask me, I will explain in excruciating detail.Ferns

  4. This is sad. I’m sorry.“Grubby website” – or is it you that feels grubby, Ferns? No insult intended: I’m just asking – because if you feel grubby about it, you’re less likely to be forthright about what you want. And I do think you can afford to be.xxxx

  5. anonymous xxxx: “…less likely to be forthright about what you want…”Did you somehow get the impression that I was not forthright about what I wanted? Surely not?!As for grubbiness, nothing wrong with a bit of dirty, filthy, grubbiness… I, however, am always shiny clean and pristine of course.Ferns

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