Aggression, teeth grinding jaw clenching aggression, barely contained muscle tightening growling aggression. And I need it to go somewhere and I need it to be released and I need a target and I need to come.

I need to fuck and I need to fuck with and I want him invisible and irrelevant and I want him empty, a receptacle, with no eyes and no name. And I want him to be hard, all over, I want lean muscles straining, biceps and a six pack and hard thighs, a cock that weeps precum and a mouth that screams and begs and skin that reddens and welts and bleeds sweat on a body that fights against bondage without hope.

And I want that hopelessness and I want to hurt him everywhere and watch the panic and I want him gasping for breath and I want tears and kisses that bite and I want to hit him with everything I’ve got and make him beg for more and I want to tear apart his muscles and watch them melt and I need to come.

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  1. Hello V,Truly, I feel like I could explode out of my skin sometimes with the intensity of this, the urgency, the need. ‘Frantic’ is a good word for it. So glad you liked it.Ferns

  2. I love the animal energy, the pacing and flow of the words and images, all focused and compactly expressing your inner urges and desires. They seem raw and hot, melting out between the sentences, words coalescing into images, and images into physical feelings, primal and lustful. Mmmmm.tiger~

  3. What a beautiful comment tiger, thank you.And you are spot on…when I am like that, my head filled with that aggressive need, it does feel like some sort of raw animal energy.I’m happy that you enjoyed it.Ferns

  4. Damnit! Why do you have to write posts that makes a lesbian want to be a man just for few hours :P *laughs*


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