…there you are… hello…

You have been in my thoughts a lot these last couple of weeks, sometimes in excruciating detail, thinking about the taste and feel of your mouth under mine, sometimes just a vague unease, of something missing, ticking in the back of my mind.

I hope you are well, happy, or ok at least, content with your decision. I wish you all sorts of good things, I hope you know that.

You have my email, my IM, my phone number… if you want to talk at some stage, maybe soon, maybe after some time has passed, I would welcome you.

I miss having a snowflake. And yes, you definitely should have worn a tool-belt… what on earth were you thinking?!

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  1. It’s always a sad thing when relationships end, but when they do, this is how it should be… With best wishes, open hearts, and fond memories.

    1. *smile* At best it can get to something like this, yes.

      I choose good men who have been the best they can be for me, so wishing for their happiness after the fact is never so very difficult.


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