The chair

You’re naked, I’m clothed.

You’re sitting in a chair, looking up at me, waiting, anticipating. You are not restrained this time. I smile at you, and drink in your return half smile. A questioning look on your face, but you know better than to ask.

I pull my skirt slowly up my thighs, your smile widens as you watch. I see you twitch, your cock already getting hard. I approach you and straddle your legs, my skirt raised so that I can feel your thighs against mine, skin on skin. My weight is fully on you as I slide forward, your cock touches my panties and I press against it, leaning into you. I’m already wet.

Your arms go around me, sudden, tight, pulling me hard against you, your hands going to my arse to pull my pussy harder against your cock, pressing up against me, reaching up for my mouth, taking my breath.

I lean back and slap your face, hard. Your eyes flash, hurt, defiant, I can feel that you want to ignore it but you daren’t. I lean to your ear and whisper, “You can touch what I say, when I say.”

You nod. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Put your arms around me, gently.”

You nod again. “Yes Ma’am.”

I feel your hands on my back, snaking around my body, under my shirt, your fingers touching as much as you dare, around to the sides of my breasts, down to the top of my arse, up to my shoulders.

I rub a little against your cock, take your face in my hands and bring your mouth to me. You let out a soft moan and squirm a little. I stroke your lips with my lips, the tip of my tongue wetting them just a little. I breathe into your mouth, wanting so badly just to have it, to own it, to eat it. I start to kiss you, soft, feather kisses, gently sucking your lower lip into my mouth, touching it with my tongue. I whisper into your mouth “buttons” and feel your hands at my blouse, obediently undoing buttons.

And I kiss you, and I melt into your mouth and I taste your tongue and it goes on forever and I’m so fucking wet and I rock my wet panties against your cock.

“Breasts.” I whisper, and your hands are immediately there, pulling my bra out of the way, rough, grabbing, pinching my nipples and I bite you and smash my mouth against yours, I feel teeth clash and wince. You’re struggling to get more contact on your cock, and I’m sucking your breath and I can’t get enough of your mouth. I’m trying to breathe and I’m panting into your mouth and tasting your tongue and wanting to get inside you and I can’t get enough of your mouth.

“Pussy,” I growl, and one of your hands goes between our bodies and I shift to give you access, and I feel your fingers against me, and you hold me way from you, touching me gently, stroking the crotch of my panties softly, frustrating, delicious, perfect. So fucking frustrating. I can feel you smile against my mouth as I try and push my cunt against your fingers. I want to slap you, but I can’t bear to let go of your mouth, and it feels like the chair is going to tip as I try and fuck against your fingers. I finally groan and release the kiss and I slap your face full force, and again, and again.

I hiss into your ear, “Stop fucking around and make me come.”

Your fingers push aside my panties and find my clit and I fuck against your fingers feeling the wetness all over your hand, sliding against your cock as I thrust against you. I want more of your mouth, but I can’t breathe, so I rest my lips against yours, leaning into you for support, ragged breaths, hard and fast, concentrating on your fingers against me, inside me, and when I come, I come hard, arching back, inarticulate cries, every muscle tensed, my nails digging into your skin, trembling, your fingers sliding inside me as I grab your hair in my fist, pull your mouth onto mine and gift you my orgasm.

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  1. Ferns, Another superb addition to your Domme Chronicles, just loved the closing line:“as I grab your hair in my fist, pull your mouth onto mine and gift you my orgasm”, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!Your insights into the ardor and ecstasy of Female Authority are beautifully expressed by your literary skills.Perhaps these works should be published on one of the mainstream erotic story websites. Not only would you have a much wider audience but it would also give the straight community a wonderful insight into the passions and actions of Female Authority relationships.Respectfullyouimistress

  2. ouimistress: Thanks for your lovely comments, though I am not sure that vanilla audiences would appreciate these stories to be honest.As a note, because I can’t let it pass, ‘Female Authority’ as a philosophy is a concept I don’t subscribe to. Rather, I believe in D/s relationships between individuals.Ferns

  3. Ferns,Your thoughts D/S relationships resonate with me.I’ve had the honor of platonic relationships with a number of strong and confident women who were also privately submissive.Knowing they were being pleasured by men taking a role that was the antithesis of by sub nature in no way lessened my respect and admiration for them as women and individuals.In summary for me D/S is a broad church so i celebrate all of its denominations. Respectfullyouimistress

  4. OhhhhThat is soooo Hot, felt like I was right there with you reading this one.Fantastic stuff, just love the way your writing makes me feel alive.I find myself checking your posts first thing every day.

  5. In my fantasies, Mistress has always been the one in the chair while i was lower either kneeling by her or as a foot rest, etc. i never thought about how powerful She could be with me in the chair and Her on top of me. Thanks for sparking some new ideas for me Miss Ferns.

  6. I’m pretty sure reading this made me let out some moans and sex noises. I should’ve been thinking and recorded an audio file to send you. One of these days I’ll send you an audio of me squealing like a pig… I mean of me making sex noises. Hopefully it will be worthy enough for you.

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