Best laid plans

I am not planning to play with you, I am planning to put you to bed and leave you to sleep. I’ve said goodnight already when I tell you to take off your clothes, I am just going to put you to bed and go, I tell you as much, ‘yes Ma’am’ you say. As they come off, your shirt, your jeans, I start to kick in, feel my heart start to thump in my chest, my stomach lurching with lust.

I want something from you, I always want something from you.

I start with a permanent marker, making your cock hard, writing my name on it, it’s mine, I own it, my cock.

‘Whose cock is it?’, I ask you, unnecessarily.

‘It’s your cock Ma’am’

‘It belongs to me’

You nod, ‘It belongs to you Ma’am’

I want to write my name on every part of you, across your chest and your nipples, on your ribs, around your navel, along the flat of your stomach, against the bones of your hips, across the muscles of your thighs, over your knees, along the swell of your calves, on the soles of your feet, around the curves of your arse, into the small of your back, across your shoulder blades, into the nape of your neck, I want to mark all of you as mine.

Instead, I choose your left hip, ‘beautiful’ goes there. Then your right hip ‘boy bitch’. ‘Beautiful boy bitch’ I whisper to you. My lace panties go into your mouth, you make a muffled sound as they hit the back of your throat. Soft touches of your claimed cock while I whisper to you about fucking and violence and passing you around like a piece of meat. Your heavying breaths, your fuck-me moans, your quickening grunts into my panties and into my ear make the lurch rise in my throat. You are close to coming when I stop, stop stop stopstop, pull my panties out of your mouth so that I can hear your heavy desperate breaths.

‘Beautiful boy bitch, beautiful boy bitch, beautiful boy bitch with my cock’ I whisper obsessively, ‘What are you? Say it’.

‘I’m a beautiful boy bitch with your cock’ you whisper in my ear in your soft porn voice.

‘Say it again’ I tell you.

‘Beautiful boy bitch with your cock’ you draw out the words because you know I love that.


‘Beautiful boy bitch with your cock’ your voice lower now as I make a sound of pleasure.

I make you say it again and again, and then again, your voice makes a link straight to my cunt.

I stay with you a little longer, finally putting you to bed… really now, I am just going to put you to bed and leave you to sleep…

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