“You are so beautiful”


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“Did you know that you are the most beautiful thing I have ever touched?”

-Typewriter Series #868 by Tyler Knott Gregson

I see so much beauty in the submissive men I get close to, in the men with whom I share a connection, the ones who give me what I want in a way that resonates. I am always floored by it, it is poetical and vast in its immensity. Like some grand revelation. I struggle to write about this without sounding ridiculous, cheesy. I want to wave my hands about, point out to the natural wonders in the world and say “You know, like THAT!” It is inexplicable and mind boggling.

And when I see it, feel it, I often say it out loud, in awe and wonder.

“You are so beautiful.”

In that moment, he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, ever been lucky enough to touch. I am awed and humbled by my proximity to this beauty, and when he looks at me and sees himself reflected back, it’s like a physical, tangible thing. It has weight and heft and some indefinable power.

And I know how it sounds, really, when the words come out tinged with wonder, as if I have never seen him before. Strange, odd, perhaps an exaggerated untruth, or words that I just say without reason. But it’s not. Ever.

I don’t ask how they receive it, we never talk about it. Sometimes I can see a response: amusement, shock, shyness, puzzlement, happiness, acceptance, or some other fleeting reaction flying across his face. Then the moment passes, we move on.

If I’m honest, the response doesn’t matter, I just need to say the truth out loud. I hope they believe me.

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