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I’m always baffled when I hear about how someone ‘poached’ or ‘stole’ another person’s submissive.

It just makes no sense.

Are there people who will go after someone who is already partnered up? Sure. They might do it with a vengeance, and they might employ all of their considerable charm, and offer cookies. If you want to get angry at those people for displaying a lack of ethical behaviour, then that’s fair enough. Go for it.

But submissives aren’t inanimate objects with no agency of their own, no matter what anyone says.

If they leave their partner to be with someone else, they CHOSE to do that. Nobody ‘stole them away’.

They made a choice, and as much as it might hurt, they are entitled to it. And if they say things like “I couldn’t help it” or “they made me”, they are clearly the kind of person who is unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own choices. Regardless, it was still their choice to make.

If someone leaves you, it sucks. If someone leaves you for someone else, it sucks even worse. I get it. But nobody ‘steals’ another person.

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