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If submissive men are all about pleasing the dominant wimmins, how come they aren’t all the most beautiful men they can be? Hmmmm?

How come single submissive men looking for partners don’t all think “I know what will be pleasing to a potential dominant! A fit, strong, hot body! I gotta get me to the gym now now NOW and git me one of those!”

A lot of submissive men ask how they can make themselves more appealing to dominant women and there is often talk of them gaining skills (cooking, cleaning, pedicure, manicure, tea service etc). That’s fine and nice, but seriously, who gets crazy hot with lust over that stuff (actually some women do, but not most, and certainly not me!)? It’s not the sort of thing that inspires desperate hunger and passion.

So, since I am a good samaritan, more free advice to submissive men looking for a partner:

Be fucking sexy and irresistible and as beautiful as you can be. Be the man that makes her want to rip your clothes off, tie you up, make you scream and then ravish you to within an inch of your life!

Yes, I know. I am helpful, as always.

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