Pimping him out

See this boy here… 6’, dark hair, expressive mouth, pretty eyes, clean shaven… he’s articulate, intelligent, slightly bruised but still usable…

(lift your shirt, boy)

… yes, yes, you can see that bit of damage there, but it doesn’t impact his performance… he’s available to you… you want him?

(turn around, boy)

… well for anything really, doesn’t matter… no, it’s not up to him… yes, well a gag and some restraints will take care of that, so don’t worry…

(open your mouth a little)

… yes, see that, oh yes very soft, pliable, yes see how I can just … Continue Reading

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Body canvas

He is restrained on the bed, he is spent, his skin glistening with sweat, his chest rising and falling quickly, his mouth open as he tries to catch his breath. I have left him for a moment and he opens his eyes to scan the room for me. He finds me at the foot of the bed, gazing at him as prey, still hungry. I climb onto the bed between his spread ankles. He lifts his head to watch me and I show him what I have in my hand. He stifles a smile when he sees a ball point … Continue Reading

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She calls him to be with her at 6pm sharp. In the meantime, she prepares, already walking through the scene in her mind. Feeling herself moisten in anticipation. She puts the ankle and wrist cuffs by the door for him. She readies a bottle of champagne, tempted to have a glass, but wants her senses alert.

Then she waits.

She hears the door open and turns towards the sound. He comes in, as usual, knowing what to do, and undresses quickly, looking at the ground, sneaking glances at her as he puts on the cuffs, already semi hard. She looks … Continue Reading

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The chair

You’re naked, I’m clothed.

You’re sitting in a chair, looking up at me, waiting, anticipating. You are not restrained this time. I smile at you, and drink in your return half smile. A questioning look on your face, but you know better than to ask.

I pull my skirt slowly up my thighs, your smile widens as you watch. I see you twitch, your cock already getting hard. I approach you and straddle your legs, my skirt raised so that I can feel your thighs against mine, skin on skin. My weight is fully on you as I slide forward, … Continue Reading

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When I get like this

When I get like this… when I get like this, I can’t breath. My whole body is wired, hyper-aware and it feels like I am huge, like I am bursting out of my skin, like the body that contains me isn’t big enough to hold this feeling, will explode with it, like my skin will split and I will not slowly bleed out of it as much as burst out in a new guise.

And you are here, right HERE, and I am looming, which is the word, the right word, looming, huge and dark. And you are afraid, even … Continue Reading

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She told him to get up on the bed on his knees, and he scrambled up, kneeling on the edge of the bed, his hands cuffed behind him. She brought out the three pegs he had brought with him, the ‘macho’ pegs, the marquee pegs, the ‘hold-things-in-a-cyclone’ pegs and smiled at him. She brought her mouth to his left nipple, sucking and biting at it before putting the first peg on him, she took quite a bit of flesh, her mouth having made it slippery. She repeated this with his right nipple, and stood back a little to look at … Continue Reading

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About masturbating
Thinking about you, and thinking about masturbating
Thinking about you, spread-eagle, restrained and blindfolded
Face up, on a bed
And I touch you, with my fingers, my mouth, my hair, my breasts
Different places, all over, in different ways, to see how you react
And if I get what I want I do more of it
Like I might expect if I licked your cock from base to head with the flat of my tongue
Or if I nipped the inside of your thigh with my teeth
Or if I stroked your lips with my breast and … Continue Reading

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