It burns…

I fuck against you and the damage I have done to you makes you flinch, even as you thrust your hips up to get more, and you whisper to me in that porn-voice, breathlessly moaning, ‘…it burns… it burns…’, which I love, which makes me rabid, makes me want to tear you apart. I go for your mouth, of course, which I own, which is right there, half open and inviting me and I hold your head and take your mouth with violence and I feel you reaching up for me even as I sink my teeth into your lips … Continue Reading

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Sugasm #163

I’m delighted that Stockinged Feet is the Editor’s pick in this week’s Sugasm. It was incredibly powerful for me and my beautiful boy still finds it difficult to read. I hope you enjoy it.

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #164? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

Another Night With My Beer Buddy
“She nodded, her eyes closing … Continue Reading

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We are curled together, my back to his stomach, it is warm and quiet, and maybe he thinks I am asleep. He strokes the side of my body, almost absently, but I know it is not without thought and I know there is a slight fear that I might stop him, that he might not be allowed this unbidden touching.

His touch is not tentative or hesitant, starting at the side of my breast, he strokes downwards, over each of my ribs, dipping low at my waist, then slipping up over the rise of my hip, I want to make … Continue Reading

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Rain hell

I want to rain hell down on you in a massive attack, a slaughter, a bloodbath, so come here, get your clothes off and get on your knees.… Continue Reading

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Gasping for breath

She knew he would scream, so she brought her panties to his mouth and pushed them in, her fingers shoving the lace into his mouth until it was full.

She started to bite him, sinking her teeth through his flesh, sucking at it, chewing at the skin, creating a pattern on his body. He yelled into the gag, writhing in protest under her assault. When she had made enough marks on his body to please her, she turned her attention elsewhere.

She brought her breast to his mouth, he reached for it even though the best he could do was … Continue Reading

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It’s ok

I hurt you with the belt, and I use familiar words and a familiar tone and it is nothing new but I am tentative and feeling my way and pushing myself to do it, and it is short and should be minor and inconsequential but we both know it’s not. Afterwards, we are both breathing emotion and feeling each other for the fallout.

I am raw and splayed open and it feels like my heart is broken and you watch me softly and that makes me burst like ripeness spilling over from my throat and I am crying.

You gentle … Continue Reading

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Stockinged feet

I had hurt him already, opened him up to me, and was gentling him in bed, holding him curled into me, wrapped up close, cuffed and kissed, some beautiful expanse of soft bruised skin. Him naked, me, with shirt thrown aside in the heat of earlier physicality, in bra and jeans, boots off eons ago to leave stockinged feet.

My legs wrapped over him, I licked and sucked at his mouth, stroked his body with my stockinged feet, smooth, silky nylons sliding over his skin. From the back of his knees, up his thighs, over his arse, pressing against him … Continue Reading

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