Sugasm #154

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #155? Submit a link to your best post of the week by emailing me directly at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

“My heart raced as I watched him stare at me, wondering if he knew I was awake. ”

Hot and Handy Part 2: Handjobs for the Ladies in Our Lives
“Getting her wet has two big benefits when it comes to getting … [...Read More]

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Holding back

She led him back to the bed, still blindfolded, and made him get on it, lying in the centre, face up.

She attached his cuffed wrists to the corners of the bed, sliding her naked body across him, leaning on him, enjoying the feel of his skin under hers. She moved down his body and put ankle cuffs on him, spreading his legs wide, attaching them to the ropes at the bottom of the bed. When he was spreadeagled and bound, she sat back and looked at him. He looked incredible; lean-muscled, strong, vulnerable, sightless, helpless. And his cock was … [...Read More]

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After the violence

I do these things to you, these violent things, these things that hurt, these things that make you scared and hard and conflicted and they are hot and they make me come and then, when I have come, I want to wrap you up, all arms and legs and skin softness, safe, and have your mouth, open and tender and delicious and I want to kiss you better and whisper sweet things to you, into your mouth, and be gentle and protective with you.

And sometimes, sometimes, that scares you more than the other, doesn’t it?… [...Read More]

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I love…

I love talking with you, I love hearing about what you are doing, I love when you speak nonsense to me, I love that you make me laugh, I love how your voice gets lower and softer and more beautiful when you talk about your body and describe to me your bruises and cuts, I love how that feels like seduction to me, I love that they belong to me, those marks, I love how you breath, heavy and rasping when you are about to come, or not allowed to come, I love how you ask me if I want … [...Read More]

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She watched him

She watched him, a sheen of sweat on his face, a picture of concentration. He glanced at her now and then, to check if she was watching, to see if she was paying attention to him. She was.

She sipped her wine, keeping her eyes on him, the cold liquid sliding down her throat, honey, melon, lemon. The apartment smelt of garlic, herbs and a sharp tang of vinegar.

She went to him and pressed herself against his back, wine glass in one hand, the other slipping around his body, under his t-shirt, touching him gently. She didn’t need to … [...Read More]

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She hungers

She hungers.

Misdirected hunger, unfocussed hunger, a Domme-frenzy that is eating her up even as she hungers.

She trawls the grubby website for boys, boys that she doesn’t have to woo, boys that will come to her and offer themselves without reservation, boys that will let her do what she wants immediately, now, on first meet, without fear.

She views them, their lists of interests, looking for one who is local, one who likes pain, one who is tall and lean and slutty, one who will get naked and let himself be beaten, one who still seems interesting enough to … [...Read More]

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Breaking you

My head is full of you and my pussy wet with you, fucking you, helpless and crying on that beach, and you are so thin, and in pain, with pieces of you missing because I have taken them and swallowed them. And yes, my fingers in your mouth to turn your head to me, and I want to kiss you, but I can’t reach your mouth no matter how far I twist your head towards me and I want to shove my fingers into your throat and see you struggle. And it hurts you, the fucking and the contact, because … [...Read More]

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