Sunday curiosity #7 – Survey

That means you don’t really exist… you realise that right?

Now everyone, I want you to sit quietly (shush you, Johnny…! Don’t think I can’t see you there in the back row!!) and pay attention…

Here is a test. Well, ok, not a test, a survey, but it looks kind of like a test except it’s really easy and there are no wrong answers, so not really like a test at all…

It’s (again) me being curious about you good folks who come here and read my blog…

So, come and sit here beside me *pat pat* and:

Tell me about you.

There are only 8 questions, and for those who need a little incentive, there is a *never before seen photo* at the end of the survey… terribly exciting isn’t it?!! Heh.

I will leave the survey open for a week, and then I will take a peek at you and come back and hold a mirror up so that you can all see who you are…

Loves: 1
Please wait…

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  1. Chappee: “That picture better be one with your lovely face… I will throw a fit if it isn't!”

    *laugh* Weeeellll… define 'face'…


  2. Tom: “You know, I swear I never had a boot/shoe thing until I started hanging out around here. Damn!”

    Ha!! Now you know that NO-ONE will believe that for one second!! Pervert!

    *Makes a note not to start posting pictures of cute fluffy little gerbils…just in case*


  3. Brids: ” Like Chappee, I was very hopeful to see your face. I mean, I've known you since…*counts on fingers* 1973!”

    *peers at Brids*

    Exactly how many fingers have you got there, sonny?


  4. “Exactly how many fingers have you got there, sonny?”

    Well…10 but I figured if I said some wild number it would make you feel bad and let me see your face…

  5. N: “I still don't have a thing about shoes, damn!”

    Me either, nuh uh… don't get it… don't want them… dont'…

    Ooooohhhh look… shiny!!!!


  6. Brids: “Well…10 but I figured if I said some wild number it would make you feel bad and let me see your face…”

    *laugh* And you would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!!


  7. robert: “This is what i do for a living (surveys that is)
    Well done!”

    Thank you! I will keep your specialist skills in mind for next time… ;)


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