…this gentle sting between us…

I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs
I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs
I’m a fool for your belly

Stay open…

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I want love to…

I want love to roll me over slowly
Stick a knife inside me and twist it all around
I want love to grab my fingers gently
Slam them in a doorway, put my face into the ground

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What is making you smile today?

Things that are making me smile today…


My new favourite term: Carly-Simoning – present participle of Carly-Simon (Verb)
Origin: I made it up! Related to the song “You’re so vain“, and particularly the line, “You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you…”

Definition: When you think something is about you, but it’s not, you are Carly-Simoning.
Usage: I wasn’t even talking about you! You are completely Carly-Simoning!
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Hey you

…I don’t pose perplexities purposely,
This isn’t a game, this isn’t a test…

I like that we argue,
But not everyday…
The way that you say ‘color’ not ‘colour’

Hey you, could you give it a rest
Just take me home, c’mon and get me undressed.

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Are you ready yet?

Yes, yes I am…

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Let’s just keep touching

But you but you
You write such pretty words
But life’s no story book
Love’s an excuse to get hurt
And to hurt
“Do you like to hurt?”
“I do! I do!”
“Then hurt me.”

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I’ll be in the bar…

Just before our love got lost, you said, “I am as constant as the Northern Star.”
And I said, “Constantly in the darkness, where’s that at?”
If you want me I’ll be in the bar.

…Love is touching souls
Surely you touched mine ’cause
Part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time

You’re in my blood like holy wine
You taste so bitter and so sweet

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