Sometimes my passion wanes, and it is not you and it is not me, it just is.

Sometimes you feel so close to me, like you are inside me, like you are part of me and it makes me feel kind of sick, a tightness in my chest and a fullness in my throat, and I love that.

Sometimes I am happy just to hear you tell me about your day and we exchange dull … Continue Reading

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Water torture

I lay him in the empty bath on his back, cover his face with a damp washcloth, stroking it smooth against his skin.

I hold the cup of water above him, and pour it slowly over the cloth, the sticky terry toweling gaining weight, clinging to the shape of him, his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth.

I see him open his mouth further, like the silent scream, he gurgles, trying to blow the fabric off … Continue Reading

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Coming home

He buzzes her in, she climbs the stairs and opens the door.

He is waiting there in boxers, kneeling in position, his hands clasped behind his head. He looks up at her expectantly as she enters, doe-eyed and sweet. She tilts his face up to her by his chin, leans down to kiss his mouth, he opens immediately to her, reaching up to stay connected to her lips as she stands. His face breaks out … Continue Reading

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Here, boy

We are sitting at the table, chat over… He gets up, heads to the kitchen to get us drinks. I lean back in my chair, watch him go, wait until he is across the room.

“Come back here.”

He turns, his expression a question, a slight frown, concerned that he has forgotten something. He comes back to me.

“Give me a kiss first.”

He smiles at me, “Yes, Ma’am!”

He leans down to me, I … Continue Reading

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Fucking bitch

I knock and wait.

You open the door, your expression at first one of gentle questioning… when you see me your eyes widen, you gasp, like a cartoon character, comical and odd. You almost shake your head to try to clear it. I can see your mind ticking over, a million questions immobilising you…

I smile, savouring your confusion, it is incredibly hot, that vulnerable look, I see you unconsciously opening up, it is immediate … Continue Reading

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The first time

I put a blindfold on him and stand close.

I lean into his ear, whisper, “You are going to undress me, and kiss me all over, starting at my feet…”

He nods, smiles broadly, “Yes Ma’am!”

He is nervous, eager, shifting from foot to foot.

He reaches out tentatively to make contact with me, starts at the top with my shirt, fumbling awkwardly to get it off, touching my bra when it is exposed, he … Continue Reading

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Scary movie

We are going to sneak into the movies. His eyes light up, he is delighted and surprised that I want to (“Really?! Really?!!!”). We are naughty children, giggling and running sideways into each other as we sidle into the movie illicitly, a scary movie, my favourite.

We grab a seat and settle in… he knows what I am like with scary movies, I *like* to be scared, that sudden start of fear, when my everything … Continue Reading

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