I was looking up minor comic super heroes the other day and came across some (lots!) I’d never heard of.

A few of the best ones (and by ‘best’ I mean ‘lamest super heroes EVARRR’!!):

Stone Boy

His super power is *turning himself into stone*.

“Gadzooks, someone is being MURDERED!!! Let me help you!!! LOOK, SUDDENLY I’M A ROCK!! HA HA! FOILED YOU, MURDERERS!!”

Gin Genie

She can generate ground tremors. Alcohol helped or increased her power. Aw yeah…

*hic* Oops, wiped out a city! Oh well!! BARTENDER!!

Arm Fall Off Boy

He can rip his own arm off … Continue Reading

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Because I’m happy

It was a weekend, I took him out for lunch to a pub that sits on a point overlooking the bay. A beautiful spot on a hill, the islands in the distance.

It was warm, sunny.

He got us drinks, ordered the food, and came back to me.

We were sitting side by side in chairs on the lawn looking out over the water, talking softly and laughing about nothing in particular. I had one leg draped over his, his hand rested on my thigh.

I grabbed his head and pulled it to me and bit it, not his ear, … Continue Reading

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First lesbian love

My first love was a woman, well, a girl really.

I was 17, she was a year ahead of me at school. She was fun and hilarious and street-smart in a way I wasn’t. An athlete, with that long-limbed lithe body that young athletes have. Full of that kind of careless body confidence that comes from knowing what those limbs and muscles are capable of, and a self awareness that results in a loping casual stride that says ‘don’t give a fuck’.

She was beautiful. Stunning. Perfect.

I can’t remember how or why it happened, really, but she started to … Continue Reading

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Dominance and vulnerability: A case study

After writing my previous post about vulnerability, I thought I’d follow up with an example of how it feels to me.

My boy and I had not been together all that long, I was at his place. It was about 10.30pm. It was winter, a foot or more of snow on the ground outside. I went to the toilet and used the last of the toilet paper on the roll. I looked around for more to put in holder, but didn’t want to go scrabbling around in his cupboards.

This is what happened next.

“Hey,” I said, and … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Hiding myself

The first boy I ever fell in love with was a vanilla submissive. I have mentioned him before.

We are still in touch, I am pretty sure that I gave him this blog address at some stage long ago. I doubt he reads it, but I really don’t know and haven’t asked. If he does: *smile… wave* Hello there, A!!!

We were together before I had ever heard of BDSM, or D/s, or any of that. I once had us write sexual fantasies for each other. We were exploring possibilities, and I wanted to hear what was deep in the … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Foreplay?!

He was lying on the floor at my feet, we were watching TV.

He had a gorgeous arse and beautiful legs. I was distracted by the muscles of his thighs, and the crease where his legs met his arse.

I idly started to pat his arse with my foot, just stroking him gently. He shifted back a little to give me better access. I squeezed my foot between his thighs and he opened his legs for me. I kicked him gently in the crotch, no force, more of a pat than a kick, then ran my toes between his arse … Continue Reading

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Random memories: First love

It was scorching hot, summer at the beach in the days when being tanned was the thing and gladly-offered sacrifices to get there included baby oil and sweat dripping from everywhere.

She’d walked out of the surf topless earlier in the day, I had watched her striding towards me up the beach.

I felt, for the first time that I can recall, unbridled lust as she came towards me. A punch in the stomach so strong that had I not already been lying down, I would have doubled over with the power of it. If I had been able to … Continue Reading

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