Because I’m happy

It was a weekend, I took him out for lunch to a pub that sits on a point overlooking the bay. A beautiful spot on a hill, the islands in the distance.

It was warm, sunny.

He got us drinks, ordered the food, and came back to me.

We were sitting side by side in chairs on the lawn looking out over the water, talking softly and laughing about nothing in particular. I had one leg draped over his, his hand rested on my thigh.

I grabbed his head and pulled it to me and bit it, not his ear, his head. Because. Just because. It made us both laugh and he shook like a dog afterwards.

He said he wished that he could take this moment right now and write it down exactly how it was, to capture and keep it. He touched parts of me that he wanted to describe in detail to preserve them. My bare arm with light coloured hairs catching some sun, my knee curved over him, the weight of my leg against his thigh, my foot swinging gently, me smiling at him, us laughing together. All the corny things.

I asked him, “Why this moment?”

And he said, “Because I’m happy.”

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  1. I find that it’s those simple moments, with all the mundane little details, that are some of the most memorable ones. What you described here is exactly that kind of thing. Take all the various little elements and add them up, the result is a perfect, happy memory… I love when that happens.

    1. *smile* I think we miss so many of those small moments, breezing through, not paying attention.

      It’s a bit of a treat when you notice one and manage to store it away.


  2. Isn’t it nice to look back on warm memories sometimes. It’s those memories that often give me hope and keep me from giving up on the idea of finding what I want again.


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