Random memories: Hiding myself

The first boy I ever fell in love with was a vanilla submissive. I have mentioned him before.

We are still in touch, I am pretty sure that I gave him this blog address at some stage long ago. I doubt he reads it, but I really don’t know and haven’t asked. If he does: *smile… wave* Hello there, A!!!

We were together before I had ever heard of BDSM, or D/s, or any of … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Foreplay?!

He was lying on the floor at my feet, we were watching TV.

He had a gorgeous arse and beautiful legs. I was distracted by the muscles of his thighs, and the crease where his legs met his arse.

I idly started to pat his arse with my foot, just stroking him gently. He shifted back a little to give me better access. I squeezed my foot between his thighs and he opened his legs … Continue Reading

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Random memories: First love

It was scorching hot, summer at the beach in the days when being tanned was the thing and gladly-offered sacrifices to get there included baby oil and sweat dripping from everywhere.

She’d walked out of the surf topless earlier in the day, I had watched her striding towards me up the beach.

I felt, for the first time that I can recall, unbridled lust as she came towards me. A punch in the stomach so … Continue Reading

Loves: 17
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