The cutie pie and the sex toy: Part 2

Go here for Part 1 of this femdom dating adventure: ‘The cutie pie and the sex toy’.

There was kissing. Not a lot of kissing, there is never enough kissing. But there it was. Muted, as if there was a volume dial set to low, nothing violent that I can recall, which is where I tend to go when that dial starts to turn up. Though there was enough of a hint of where it might go that I felt him reach for more.

My fingers around his throat to hold him where I wanted him, he put his hand up to cover mine, using it to add pressure, to pull my fingers tighter around his neck. A pause, I tilted my head, a half smile. “You know you don’t get to tell me what to do. That’s not how this works…”

A sheepish look. “I was just… I wanted to let you know that you can go harder. If you want.”

“I know.”

That slight disappointment that I didn’t. Still, my teeth clamping down onto his tongue just for a moment, bite marks left on his neck, a little pushing, pinning his face to the bed. It was enough.

To start the second test, I had him undress again, put my wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs he had made for me on him. I took him into the bedroom and shoved him backwards onto the bed, crawling over him to attach the D-links to ropes at the four corners, and added a blindfold. Spreadeagled and naked, he waited. I turned the microphone on.

I settled into position between his legs. This time I controlled the Pulse Duo.

I added a generous amount of lube, manoeuvred his cock between the wings of the toy, started the low buzzing, and stroked him with it. His cock was almost immediately hard. I tried different positions, speeds, settings, and sensations. He was not allowed to come and his delicious warnings when he was about to lose it must have been uttered 4 or 5 times as I played with him, bringing him back from the edge each time.

My hand on his cock was what got a heightened reaction, though, even more than the toy. That touch perhaps less intense, but much more intimate, more personal. He loved it, that languorous varied stroking. When I spat on his cock to re-wet the lube, he moaned.

“So hot. You can spit anywhere you want.”

The toy, then my hands, then the toy again. Watching his reactions, still asking him questions about how things felt, the recording captured that I laugh a lot when I’m enjoying myself. Watching him trying to concentrate enough to answer me was a lot of fun.

At one point, I ran my nails gently up and down the length of his cock, his body arching up to reach for me. “Nnnggggfff, that’s intense, that’s fucking amazing…” Unf.

I shuffled closer to his body, my cunt inches away from his cock, my legs long against the sides of his body, running my feet over his chest, his shoulders. He thrummed under it, reached for me with his mouth, and when I tapped his lips with my toes, he desperately sucked them into the wet warmth of his mouth with a sigh.

I used my foot also to shove his chin up, forcing his head back, a tilt that made his teeth clench. A natural head restraint while touching him still. There is something supremely satisfying about pushing someone into these uncomfortable awkward positions. He whimpered under it, the helplessness, tied, and forced into stillness while the intensity of sensation on his cock continued.

When I made him come, he warned me to stop as he came close, just as he had the other times. But this time I didn’t let up, the Pulse firmly in contact with his cock, set to the continuous vibration that was his undoing. I ignored his second warning that I needed to stop, and he realised then that I wasn’t going to and, swearing, he let himself go to ride it out. Delicious.

He told me later that he’d never had an orgasm like that.

“Have you ever had an orgasm that sends you into another dimension, transcending space and time?”

He was out of it after he came, still blindfolded and tied to the bed. I wiped the lube and come off his body with a warm washcloth, and laid quietly beside him for a little while, petting him a little. He was calm and comfortable, and I asked quietly if he’d just like to stay there. Yes he would.

I went into the kitchen and started making some snacks for us, keeping an eye on him to see if he stirred, watching his even breathing, wondering if he had dozed off. When he started to stir, I popped some chocolate into my mouth and went to give him kisses with the taste of chocolate on my tongue. Sweetness.

We sat outside on the deck afterwards, him again in his boxers and t-shirt, but this time with his cuffs on. We ate snacks, sweet-talked about the afternoon, chatting about various topics. I had him pour me champagne and refill my glass when it was empty, a small service that he happily did for me.

He was a little fidgety, so I got the leash he had made to go with the ankle cuffs and attached his ankles to his wrists. He could almost sit normally, but not quite. We continued to chat as if it wasn’t a thing, which is always fun.

He asked me, when I said I was throwing him out, if I was sure I didn’t want another round *laugh*. I said no thank you.

“So you’re done with your toy?” he asked. Funny boy.

I undid and removed his cuffs, and he dressed. I led him to the door for his long drive home.

Sweet goodbye kisses, a warm and connected hug, and I sent him on his way.

And now you get to enjoy the utter hotness that is the audio of this testing with my toy.

I spliced together various moments from the recording, starting with me saying “Good control, well done” after he didn’t come the first time he got really close, and pretty much cutting in every time I edged him because those are the seriously hot parts.


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  1. “Have you ever had an orgasm that sends you into another dimension, transcending space and time?”
    So the Tardis is powered by wanking? Who knew?

        1. I think we have a cultural divide here. NO WONDER THERE ARE WARS!

          To me, wanking is a solitary activity. Once you add another person, it’s no longer wanking.

          BUT I asked google and they say it’s ‘masturbating’ and that you can indeed ‘masturbate someone’, but is that ever how it’s used?

          I must to research*!!

          *ask folks on twitter :P


        2. Okay, I did indeed do my research*.

          I have asked the experts** and the majority agreed with me that wanking is a solitary activity, in which case one person stimulating another person’s cock is NOT wanking.

          Re wanking:
          71% Person alone
          1% With someone
          19% Contextual
          6% Never thought about it***


          * Asked a question on twitter
          ** Random people who have probably wanked and used the term ‘wanking’
          *** How can anyone never have thought about what wanking means? Bizarre!

    1. Tish pshaw and nonsense
      Home British & World English wank
      Definition of wank in English:

      vulgar slang

      1also wank offno object (typically used of a man) masturbate.
      1.1wank oneself/someone offwith object Masturbate oneself or someone else.

      vulgar slang

      An act of masturbating.


      1940s of unknown origin.
      That is from the Oxford English Dictionary, you bloody colonials just borrow our language!

      1. @Coug: Bahahahaha!

        “That is from the Oxford English Dictionary”

        I already conceded that point, dear:

        “BUT I asked google and they say it’s ‘masturbating’ and that you can indeed ‘masturbate someone’, but is that ever how it’s used?”

        “you bloody colonials just borrow our language!”

        We borrow, we adapt, then we make it the norm: YOU’RE WELCOME :P.


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