Happenings: George & not-dating

I’m back from my overseas trip, hello all :). Ooh look, obligatory holiday snap.

My beloved laptop, George, gave his life in my service, suddenly having a heart attack while we were away. I took him to the PC hospital yesterday, and it seems there was no hope for him. So I am George-less at the moment :(. His hard disk was not damaged, plus I have backups, so I’m happy about that.

As a result, though, I’m resentfully tapping this out on my phone (I hate typing on my phone so much!).

I’m writing just a brief update, until this tedious tapping reaches peak annoyingosity (is SO a word!) and becomes too much (no wonder e mail & blogs are falling out of favour for the millions who favour phones over computers).

George’s replacement won’t be here for another week or so. I have reconciled myself to this horrific state of affairs.

This forced curtailment of easy access to the internet over the last couple of weeks has been strange. Not just internet, though: Everything else also.

I write a lot, incessantly, and not being able to do it makes me feel a little anxious. As if thoughts or feelings don’t make sense unless I can put them down on the page and tease them out to find meaning (and I know I could go old school, but that doesn’t feel the same).

As for a not-very-interesting dating update, I am peopled out from two weeks of familying, and that means I have zero desire to contact either Incompatible-Awesome or the Hot Older Man.

Probably not a bad idea to wait and see if they reach out anyway (look at me rationalising my introversion away as if I’m making any decision other than just going ‘I don’t want to’ :P).

I miss you (I’m serious, blog- friends). I’ll be back soon-ish.

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  1. No, Ferns, don’t do it!

    It’s depressing to think about how many human connections are severed because both parties think “well I’m not reaching out first. Since they haven’t reached out I guess they don’t care.”

    Hope life is fun in your tropical paradise!

  2. I love this pic! Everyone needs a nice hammock break after a vacation. The “number one fans” can wait.

    (I’m feeling bad about an earlier comment that in re-reading seems stupidly sharp.)

    1. Hammocks on the beach are the best :).

      I don’t recall your ‘stupidly sharp’ comment so may not have seen it yet because I avoid internetting on my phone as much as possible… I don’t know how the young kids do it!


  3. Oh, poor Ferns, it’s time to put Your hand writing skills back into action – perhaps a small In Memoriam letter to George…. RIP George, we’ll look after Mistress and keep Her well. Oh, and that shiny new guy She’s getting… pffftt, it’s all a show – you will always be Hers.


      Ain’t nobody got time for that!

      And I am going to transplant George’s big and loving heart into the new body, so he will live on :).


  4. Glad you had a good break, we’ll never forget Georgie, well at least until something shiny catches our eye

    1. Thank you!

      My new laptop shipped from the US today, so hopefully it will be here early next week and this computerless barren & lonely nightmare will be over…


  5. Gah! I soo know what you mean about how annoying it is to try to blog via phone – and needing to write to make it make sense.

    I hope George is returned to you, hale and hearty, soon.

    1. Thank you. He died though…

      I have JUST set up my new-George (name still to come), so I’m back online with a proper computer and full keyboard so playing catchup :).


  6. Push through. Send disjointed messages from your phone.

    Live the dream of being a digital anarchist in the age carefully curated lies.

    God bless.

    1. I sent the minimum of short, disjointed, irritated messages. I am not sure I achieved ‘digital anarchist’ as much as ‘pissed off old person wondering how the youngsters can stand it’.

      As for the carefully curated lies, well, I’m not sure technology (or lack thereof) influences that one way or another :).


  7. Oh shit I’m caught up. Hello there, I found your blog when you were writing about a service sub. Uhm. Can’t really remember much else about it, my memory is jacked up.

    But hey, I really appreciate your blog. I’m a switch female/non-binary person, so I don’t know how well all of this applies to me. It’s teaching me a lot about what my submission is like, and how I can interact with other people. And just- ways my toppingness can work, cuz I feel like it’s a lot like yours. But without being a lifestyle domme, you know? No way am I at that point. Maybe later.

    There’s just this guy i have all those “I want to protect you and love you, and help you grow into whatever ways you want/need. And hurt you some.” feelings towards.

    Idk, I’m still ridiculously new to topping. If I try anything, like holding a rope or a toy against someone’s skin, I get overwhelmed like whoa and can’t do it. I have a long way to go.

    This is rambliy and things but what I’m trying to say: thank you for providing this blog and just- I hope you have wonderful dates with these men and a shiny new computer.

    1. Welcome to the current day (more or less) :)).

      What a totally lovely comment, thank you so much for it.

      I think a lot of what I write can have snippets that provide some kind of food for thought even if it doesn’t apply directly. I’m really glad that you found it useful and interesting.

      And you are so welcome, and thank you for reading and taking the time to reach out with a comment.

      My new shiny is here, so a blog post is coming! :).


  8. I think I’m the second thanks-for-everything comment on this post. That’s all right.

    I’m a submissive male, collared for the first time only a few weeks ago. I sought out resources. I found, among other things, this blog.

    Thank you for your humanity, your honesty, your engagement with the world. People are listening. People are growing, and learning, and evolving as a result of your work. Thank you for making the decision to open your mind and heart. Thank you for being yourself.

    1. That is most totally all right and I appreciate it so much, thank you!

      Congratulations to you and your dominant on your recent collaring. Exciting! :))

      Such sweetness makes my heart swell, and I can’t tell you how much it means to get such positive feedback *heart eyes*.

      I hope you and your dominant have all the good things, and I’d love to host a ‘happy femdom story’ if you ever feel like sharing :).


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